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  1. Damn you sexy girl… But why you seem like you got an attitude about the phone? You don’t like it or what?

  2. Strange! Why do you huff and puff your way through this video? Not very professional at all. I would be very annoyed if this was my product you were advertising!

  3. is this a joke…. huffing and puffing through the video and not even giving a buy link?! has gearbest been hacked or something.

  4. quite literally the worst product demo ever seen
    1. Huffing and puffing big and loudly? What why?
    2. Did not they edit this, either the girl here doesnt like the phone, quitting her job today or gearbest is making her look bad.
    3. What is the brand of the phone?
    4. Where is the damn link?
    5. What model is this?
    6. “nothing to complain about?”
    That shouldn’t evern be said, this isnt a review

  5. I think you’re mad cuz you recently bought a high end super expensive phone and your reviewing a cheap phone that does pretty much the same. Am I right??


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