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Casa Smartphone Meizu Pro 7 Plus recensione!

Meizu Pro 7 Plus recensione!

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My Unboxing and Testimonial of the Meizu Pro 7 Plus Smart deviceAssessing Rate, Battery Daily life, Doppio 12 Megapixel Cameras, Rear end Screen, Helio X30 SOC. This phone advises me of the Oneplus 5, however performs a great deal of brand new points as well!

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    1. Attendere, why not have a almost full screen to body ratio when there is a screen in the back that helps you take amazing selfies with the rear?

    1. I would love one of these phones. It’s pretty innovative with the rear display. The camera also looks amazing. I’d love to get my hands on it and see what kinds of great shots I could capture

    1. Jasim Zoobi, you’re absolutely right. My bad. I got confued because he used zero interpunction and forgot the word “Ho” before “come”.

      Mea culpa.

    1. Adam David Let me tell you that you’re worng. I myslef is using a miezu phone and its awesome but there are some bad parts. The phone’s camera is beautiful and takes stunning photos. The model I’am using is Meizu M3 note

    1. Sony for better camera. (Lots of people feel the camera is on par or even better than the galaxy s8 camera) 4k screen, slow mo video basically a multi media powerhouse. Get the one plus 5 if you want a smooth lag free experience

  1. I don’t know why people are cryingPaid..paidon a video of my honest brother. Don’t know when this paid paid song in comment section will end ….

    1. Gizmo Tech Paiidd Paiiid
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      No one,ever makes a true video
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      understand that not everysingle video is paid.
      Stupid brattt
      *that’s one paid song for you :P*

    1. Om Patil exactly! And it even has some of the features of one too! Nice point out. I have a moto g4 but if I can stick a randomized screen on the back of it to do the same thing as this, Ci sto! I bet there is gonna be one of those random Indian YouTube channels that just stick a screen on the back out their phone and call it the future…..


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