IQI I7 Newest Android 7 Smartwatch 4G Data: Prototype Unboxing & THOR 4 / LEM7 Comparison

BAKEEY (IQI) I7 Android 7 Smartwatch along with 4G LTE Acquiring Link:

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This prototype I7 smartwatch has been offered through IQI for evaluation and also accessible through Banggood for investment. Many thanks to our viewers for creating this YouTube website prominent and to IQI and Banggood for their support. If you want acquiring this I7 smart trinket, simply make use of the hyperlink specified above. It is going to aid our company get even more views to evaluate for you in the future. Many thanks!

This is a model from the soon to be released I7 Android 7 smartwatch by IQI which will certainly be branded as well as dispersed by other companies. The Banggood list over represents the very first release of this check out. Within this unboxing you see the bodily appeal from the I7 alongside a brief comparison to the ZEBLAZE THOR 4 and also LEMFO LEM7 main Android 7, 4G LTE data qualified views. Future testimonials (perhaps for clients merely) will certainly go into detail on the operation this check out as the software/firmware is not yet settled. Check out back quickly!

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  1. 620mAh Battery. That’s more like it. Now let’s hope they have a great software in place to save battery. UPDATE just found another one which comes according to the details with a 450mAh battery!!!!

    1. Haha, they’re all guessing. I’d trust the specs from IQI (if we can get the full set) as they’re the ones making the darn thing. I really doubt there will be different size batteries in the units they sell to rebranders.

    1. Why is it so hard to at least give us 5MP when drones are sporting 12MP on tiny bodies these days? Good grief! Again, don’t have the true ‘final’ specs yet, but you’re probably right.


    1. More likely I’ll be doing a showdown between the pros: THOR PRO vs TICWATCH PRO in the near future (once the Ticwatch Pro official release date happens). I can tell you right now, with the front facing camera, the THOR S is hands down better than the LEM5 (also the way it handles Android is much better in it’s layout).


    1. Try this one:
      The page is a holding page for now it appears, as the watch isn’t available for purchase yet (this was a partially working prototype in the video — Banggood doesn’t have their watches yet). Keep trying and soon the “Buy” button will be available when stock is on hand.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks nope… Dosn’t work. I’ll keep watching ( ha ha, watch) this post for a working link 😉

    3. Thanks. It worked 🙂 Really nice watch. Quite expensive. Hopefully your discount will it give it a nudge or two in the right direction 😉

    4. We should see discounts and even a presale (flash type sale) at the beginning and the first few (10 to 50 depending on quantity ordered) could be really cheap. But none of us know when it will happen, so you need to check regularly. I redid the short link in case it wasn’t formed properly. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. It runs on Android 7.0 but how about Wear OS? Looks good though and nice features. You did not mention if it has a companion app. I however paid less for my LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition albeit that is was used.

    1. As usual, this is a pure Android watch. Moving to WearOS is a totally different animal as would be AppleOS on a watch like this. You can, of course, emulate WearOS for watch faces by loading Eric’s launcher (which you can find on the Recommended Apps page in the Resource Center).

      SMARTWATCH RESOURCE CENTER:  Compare Android watch features and specs, look up the appropriate tethering app for many different watches, check out various  recommended apps for Android smartwatches, see common Android watch FAQs, and more. Visit the updated DTNO.1 Sponsored “Smartwatch Resource Center” here:

  4. IQI I7 has not got edge to edge screen, looks cheap ( I mean really, fake screws molded into bezel ) and is a try hard Thor 4 ( the Thor 4 is an amazing looking watch) with same software and hardware. Verdict a major major fail the IQI I7. Bugger, but typical Chinese behaviour. Pfft 🙁 And let me guess the obvious…….. the IQI I7 fits the Lem7 charging dock. I am shocked 🙂

    1. A Kinsella
      I do like it but, it’s look like the Lemfo Lem6
      Nice carbon fiber 620Mah, but the plastic ring bezel I don’t get it looks cheap, if the bands can be removable is a hit. I still don’t get those Chinese designers, but the way it’s waterproof

    2. It might be that they’re having trouble getting decent 4G signals with metal housings, but in this case, with the antennas still in the bands, it looks like it’s more of a fashion statement then a practical need. At least there’s no writing on the bezel. That’s a good sign for working with multiple styles of custom watch faces. I’m not sure about that 620mAh rating on the battery. It’s showing up with different ratings for the same watch in different places. Not sure if there’s enough room for that large a battery, but it is possible. It is a much larger body than the THOR 4 or LEM7.

  5. Silly design choices again. When will they learn that many people want a clean design so that more elegant watch faces don’t look out of place.

    1. Probably ’cause many people also want these more sporty designs. Individual taste here. I’d like to see a dual case release with a dressy, plain design and a sporty model of the same watch. No reason they can’t do it once they have engineered the innards. They’s sell more watches that way with little additional tooling cost. Perhaps someday. Till then, the LEM7 is the only dress watch in the Android 7 category so far.

    1. Nope. I’m holding them side by side right now and they are significantly different in many ways, especially the mounting of the bands. Really different watches. Only thing I can say is they are both black watch bodies with black bands. In that regard they are exactly the same.

  6. Please!Make video of lemfo lem4 pro please you can buy it on ebay!? And it haves updated 1200 mah battery and heart rate monitor,also the new fancy looking style thanks?

    1. Haha, I was waiting for someone to find that one. Oh, yeah I’ve been working on getting that baby in for a couple of months now. You can bet I’ll review it! The LEM4 PRO just may be my dream watch for the large format Android watch category. For those who haven’t found it yet, here’s what we are talking about (but wait for the review and coupon discount to buy!):

      I just wonder how Adrian missed this! 😉

    1. Production units are not out yet so we don’t even know what the final battery size is, let alone how long it will last. This is only a partially working prototype I’m showing here for looks and size. We’ll all have to wait for reports on battery life once the watch is actually on the market for sale,

    1. It’s just a prototype at this point, but, like you, I just couldn’t wait! I’ll have more once I get the full working production unit in. Keep watching!

  7. It’s nice looking watch, but look cheap, I don’t get those Chinese designers, material carbon fiber ok with that, ring bezel plastic horrible design cheap, why they didn’t use metal or ceramic looks of Xioami stratos looks terrific with ceramic bezel. At least we got waterproof , 620Mah and maybe removable bands.
    Waiting for more details, great again

    1. Don’t trust those specs just yet. I don’t think they are ‘official’, and I’m totally sure the bands are not removable (and waterproofness is questionable as well). Time will tell.

  8. Hi Mr Ticks,
    Great video as usual. Does the new IQI17 have a loudspeaker. My Thor S has a clear, loud, loudspeaker. Does the new Thor4 also have a loudspeaker. I couldn’t see one on both the new IQI17 and the new Thor4. Thanks.
    Geoffrey Salvage

  9. I’ve been using my smartwatch for over a week now, and I’m loving it! The screen is amazing and big and the watch functions really well! I’m really enjoying it! Thank you for all your help and opinions! I think I struck gold with the Thor Pro!

    1. A agree, the THOR PRO is Gold. Still waiting for the Android 7 watches to stabilize and come out with better visibility screens.

  10. I simply need a recent Android wear (Android 5.1 or higher?) watch with ability to voice text and call with Bluetooth, Google assistant, and interchangeable straps. I’ve been researching non stop for weeks, scouring your channel and others. Do you have any suggestions, Mr. Ticks?

    Edit: waterproof would be nice but not required

    1. It will be easiest for you to check the specs in the comparison spreadsheet and narrow your search down to two or three, then look at the reviews on each of them the differences:
      SMARTWATCH RESOURCE CENTER:  Compare Android watch features and specs, look up the appropriate tethering app for many different watches, check out various  recommended apps for Android smartwatches, see common Android watch FAQs, and more. Visit the updated DTNO.1 Sponsored “Smartwatch Resource Center” here:

      Very few Android watches support Bluetooth calling, so you can reduce your search quickly. None do Google assistant yet.


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