IQI I4 PRO vs IQI I4 AIR 2GB/16GB Smartwatches: Which should you buy?

I4PRO 2G +16 GIGABYTE WIFI DIRECTION FINDER Center Cost Screen Smart Check out Phone: Voucher: 15af8f for 29% off! This promo code may be used from August 7th- September 30th. (I'll make an effort and get this upgraded for you).
I4 AIR 2G +16 G Electronic camera WI-FI DIRECTION FINDER Sleep Soul Cost Smart Watch Phone: (Advertising Purchases Till Oct 31).
Banggood Sept 25th– Oct 8th Significant Approval:.

Please leave behind an evaluation on the Banggood product web page the moment you have your brand new check out! Many thanks!

These I4 smartwatches have actually been delivered through BangGood for evaluation. Many thanks to our visitors for creating this YouTube website well-known and to BangGood for their support. If you want purchasing this I4 PRO or I4 AIR smartwatch, please make use of the web links detailed above. This will definitely assist our company receive more sees to evaluate for you down the road. Thanks!

Link to I4 PRO video recording assessment:.

Associated with I4 AIR online video evaluation:.

To access the customized check out confronts shown listed here off the Community selection, see this website:.

G+ Area -.

For extra personalized check out is turned toward, look into these sites at the same time:.

No. 1 Sponsored Internet site -.

To learn more regarding the improved firmware for these watches, participate in the "Around Android Checks out Proboard" right here:.
Merely set up a totally free account, discover the a variety of parts accessible to you, as well as jump in. There are actually lots of check out users as well as technical pros discussing practically whatever related to smartwatches. Coming from overall check out concerns to improved view firmware you'll find this, as well as you'll discover numerous solutions in the significant FAQs also.

As soon as you possess your profile and are logged in to that, follow this hyperlink: You'll find the IQI firmware in the list from supported check outs. All the vehicle drivers as well as documents you need to have are there as well.

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Comment (12)

  1. Hi Mr. Ticks , have you had a chance to see this new Brand of smart watch , it called the AllCall W1 3G ,the band’s are replaceable it’s sorta new breed of smartwatches,as long as the battery life is good it would be worth trying.

  2. Hi just wanted to comment that my i4 Air bezel has the same minor defect where the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions apparently do not match the watch face perfectly.

    1. Oh that is not good to hear. Since there are no other marks on the watch to go buy, the bezel error could through off analog hand time by a little bit when glancing at the watch in a hurry. Hey, who knows, if they fixed it after the first batch, you and I may have collector items that might be worth something in a hundred years.

  3. I could not decide to buy the Zeblaze Thor or the I4 air, but then I realised the air is 0.5 cm bigger (I have small wrists) but they both have 1.39 inches screen, so the air is just more bezel, so I bought the Thor, also because It looks better to me

    1. Wow, I didn’t realize that. So in addition to the diameter of the actual screen (1.39 inches) we should be looking at the overall diameter of the watch body itself!

  4. Mr ticks, as you’ve already voided your warranty, can you have a look at the battery in the I4 air, a lot of retailers, but not all, are listing this as 400mAh, the others being 350mAh?

  5. What smart watch is a standalone has wifi and can take external memory please help trying to buy one but every watch sucks so far man


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