IQI I4 AIR 2GBRAM/16GBROM Smartwatch: Unboxing & Review

I4 SKY 2G +16 G Camera WIFI DIRECTION FINDER Sleeping Center Cost Smart Check out Phone: (Promo Purchases Till Oct 31).
Banggood September 25th– Oct 8th Large Clearance:.

Please leave an assessment on the Banggood product web page as soon as you possess your new view! Thanks!

This I4 SKY smartwatch has been actually offered through BangGood for assessment. Thanks to our audiences for creating this YouTube web site prominent and also to BangGood for their help. If you want obtaining this I4 AIR smartwatch, feel free to utilize the web link specified above. That will certainly help our team obtain extra watches to review for you down the road. Many thanks!

This view includes a camera to the I4 Pro front runner watch for IQI elevating bench off 1GB/16GB (I4) to 2GB/16GB (I4 Pro) to 2GB/16GB with electronic camera (I4 Sky).

I've needed to organize these apps given that they may not be in the Google Play Shop any longer:.
Display Illumination -. Motion Browse -.

Hyper-links for highlighted custom-made views within this online video:.

Al Pole:.

Ravi Paudel:.

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Comment (32)

    1. I do too. It’s at a really good price right now for a 2GB/16GB watch with camera! Check the link in the show notes. You have until the end of October to save up. Then you’ll probably get another good buying moment on 11/11 and Black Friday. I don’t know if the price will be as low as it is now though.

    1. Did I? Sorry about that. I usually talk about a couple of them and leave the rest to observation. That way I can keep the review moving along.

    1. It all depends on what you need in a watch. Personally, I like to easily glance at my watch outdoors in the sunlight and see the time clearly. That eliminates all watches but those with transflective screens. Those include watches like the Pebble, the No.1 F2 & F3, the Amazfit PACE and my favorite, the SMA-TIME.

    1. Oops! Sorry, I’ll put it in the show notes. I felt I was forgetting something. I’ll put the one for the Google Gesture Search there as well.

    1. Well, my favorite used to be the Banaus B2 for it’s really loud speaker and being totally waterproof. But it supported 2G for phone calls (as most dual mode watches do), and now the SIM won’t work anymore since the 2G network has been dropped by all major carriers. It’s dual mode though, so for a pocket speakerphone extension of my cell phone (the bands are totally removable) it works great.

      The SMA-TIME is my go-to watch for its long battery life and color transflective screen. It’s like a Pebble only way better. I get 30 days easy between charges and the screen is *always* on and bright in direct sun. I love it for that.

  1. Anyone know if these can pair manually (without their app) to a phone and use Bluetooth PAN (or Bluetooth tethering) to access internet and stuff?
    I’ve done this plenty of times between android phones and tablets (even phone to phone), but I’m concerned these Chinese things might do strange things with Bluetooth (like my android car stereo does).

  2. thank you very much !! i used clock skin maker to resize the photos and test my watch face ,, but it is looking more wayyyyyy bbetter in smartwatch , i am soo happy 🙂

  3. “if you have any questions raise your hands, and if i don’t see any hands I’ll just keep on going!” that made me laugh so hard!

  4. I can’t see a point why they put 2 gigs of ram. When they are still on Android 5.1. Who need it. I have a few watches which have 512mb of ram and they all work good with Android 5.1. Chinese manufactures may pay programers to make something like Android Wear or TicWear for example and create more usable apps for round screen. I don’t see a point anymore to have a better and more expensive watch which have same limited usabillity as all other cheaper watches.


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