iPhone XS Max Unboxing and Benchmark Results

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The unboxing of the iPhone XS Max and a quick size comparison with the Note 9.
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What do you think? is the iPhone XS Max worth $1100?!

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Comment (40)

    1. Yeah sure it is beautiful, but it is absolutely trash for the price. Apple has really gotten greedy with their pricing even going as far as to not provide a fast charging brick (need to bought separately for $75) and they removed the dongle too. Glad i switched to Samsung.

  1. People still whine and moan that this is overpriced, but then they forget the Note 9 (which already has caused a lawsuit against Samsung ALREADY) starts at $1K and the Note 8 is still $900+. Overpriced for those phones.

    1. Nearly $1200 and DOESN’T COME WITH A QUICK CHARGER, something phones 1/6 the price offer for free! It’s not just the price, Apple treats its consumers like idiots. And they are!

    2. Quick charge in the box is an Android thing, and just because those OEM’s put it in doesn’t mean Apple has to as well. Android is not Apples competition, quite frankly, Apple doesn’t have any competition. Them not having competition is why they’re so slow to implement things, because they don’t have an equal counterpart to push them to do better. Even without these things though, YoY resale value is unmatched, because as I said, there isn’t any direct equivalent. Long story short…they won’t do what Android OEM’s do (and I’m glad), so stop crying like little girls, calling people sophomoric adolescent names over it! I sold my almost year old X for $600+, and could have sold it for more on eBay, but didn’t want the hassle. Not trying to be ignorant, but the constant whining and bashing is ridiculous! If you don’t like it, then go buy what you like and be happy…

  2. why did you bother buying this phone??
    go spend some good time with your family with that money , maybe travel abroad for tourism, this phone is not worth it’s pricepoint , especially that you have the iPhone X , it’s just not worth the upgrade

    1. Well, he buys these phones to review them for us so we get a better insight before we waste our money. And he does spend plenty of time with his family.

  3. it would not be fair to say that this is not great device. It is. is it worth the money-it is hard to tell. It is only IOS device, so benchmarks are not really comparable, because architecture of Apple is different, IOS is device based etc….I am on android side-i just love diversity which android provide. That can be bad thing-i know.P.S: i saw video about battery size, i am curious about SOT

  4. Android sheep are becoming stupider than isheep.
    If you don’t like a phone don’t buy it. Don’t watch vids about it.


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