iPhone SE unboxing and setup [4K]

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iPhone SE – rose gold – unpacking – unboxing and setting up the phone
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iPhone SE looks like an old iPhone. Sounds boring, huh? But this isn't a phone to show off. It's a phone to go undercover with. It's got nearly all of the same upgraded specs as 2015's top-end iPhones — the 6S and 6S Plus — jammed into a body that's identical to the old iPhone 5S, which it replaces. It's a mighty mini phone.

Just know this: the iPhone SE isn't " The New iPhone." That — the rumored iPhone 7 — will come later on this year, with near certainty. This, the SE — Special Edition, Small Edition, whatever you want to call it — is really just an iPhone 6S Mini. That alone is actually an impressive achievement, and it' s great that, finally, Apple has made all three phone sizes run equally well — you just get to choose between small (SE), medium (iPhone 6S) and large (6S Plus).

At first glance, the price looks like a steal — but I wouldn't ever get a 16GB model ($399, £359, AU$679). You need 64. Which sucks, because that means you're spending an extra $100, £80 or AU$150. That's only a "budget" phone by Apple standards.

Still, while 2-year "free on contract" deals are getting harder (but not impossible) to find, most carriers will offer eligible buyers affordable 24-month payment plans. Throw in a trade-in, and you could score the SE for a song. And ultimately it's a far bigger bang for your buck than its older doppelganger, the iPhone 5S — now you're getting 2015 tech under the hood, not 2013 tech.

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Comment (48)

  1. How stupid are some of the things you’ve said in this? Remember before the 5 was out, before the 4? Phones were a good size with plenty of space to type. Stop comparing it to the size of the 6. And gay to like a bright colour, humm. Stop trying to act cool, it isn’t working.

    1. That’s right, my little brother reallu likes pink and I can assure you that he’s NOT gay, not that I have a problem with gay people Im actually one of them! (More specifically a lesbian.)

  2. Its sad that now days guys have to be like, “I’m not gay, but I like pink” Like seriously, you can’t base genders with colors. And people that do by saying blue is a boy color and pink is a girl color, well that’s effed up. Its also stupid how guys will get judged for liking a “girl color” but its perfectly fine when girls like “boy colors”. This pisses me off!

    1. Justice Panda Yes! I was just about to comment on that. I hate how he said that. So just because I like the rose gold iPhone that makes me gay?! Bullshit!

    2. Justice Panda
      I know my cousin likes a “boy color” and it blue and people don’t tell her nothing
      my other cousin that I’d a boy likes purple and they say that a “girl color”.
      It douse make sence

    1. CM Mora it is it’s actually a really good phone for kids or pre teens or teens it’s pretty small if you don’t mind


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