iPhone 11 Cinematic 4K Video Test – Best Video Camera on any Phone?!

A quick video test showing what the cameras on the new iPhone 11 can do!
The phone was used on a cheap DJI gimbal. You can check out the gimbal on Amazon:

The footage wasn't modified in any way.

Everything was filmed in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

This girl in the video:

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Comment (45)

  1. Beautiful scenery, great shots. She looks great on a big screen, and very cute driving the little cinquecento. If the iPhone 11 is the best video camera I don’t know, I noticed some struggle in low light and on scene changes, but I liked the vivid colors.

    1. Hey, thanks for watching. Yeah, in low light there is more noise in the video, but I didn’t come across any other phone that does better in those situations. Thanks for watching!

  2. Redskull : Oh Yes , Alex you dirty dogger your girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous , with her natural beauty on display using the iPhone 11 4K 30fps video footage ..!!! Thanks Scarboro ????

    1. @ Redskull : Alex you are a lucky ? man ? to film ? a very good looking woman ? with the new Apple ? iPhone ? 11 in Cinematic 4K ……!!! Thanks ? Scarboro

  3. Nice enough for a phone but I notice the focus is quite slow at moments. Definitely if you want superb videos have to do action camera like go pro …


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