IOGear Keymander – Using a Mouse and Keyboard on a PS4 &XBOX One

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While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers are as good as it gets for consoles sometimes you just want to use a mouse and keyboard. With the Keymander you can even with a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Enables Using A Keyboard & Mouse In Place Of Game Console Controller
Supports Latest Playstation3, Ps4 , Xbox One & Xbox 360Stores Multiple Profiles In Groups For Different Games Or Gamers For Customized AdvantagesCreate Groups For Different Games Or Users up To 8 Profiles Per GroupQuick Hotkey Profile Switching During Live Gaming Bring the control and accuracy of your Keyboard / Mouse to your game console for the ultimate gaming experience!
KeyMander supports latest PS4® and Xbox® One, as well as Xbox® 360 and PlayStation®3 gaming consoles.* Enables using a keyboard and mouse in place of your game console controller

Great for FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games
KeyMander's PC Software provides greater levels of configuration and calibration: Macros, Mouse Ballistic Curves, Turbo, and Custom Key Mapping
Direct Button Mapping using your PS3®, Xbox® 360 or Xbox® One controller for quick and accurate in-game customization
Stores multiple profiles in groups for different games or gamers for customized advantages- Create groups for different games or users; up to 8 profiles per group- Quick hotkey profile switching during live gaming
Plug and Play – Start playing right out of the box using the default settings
Interchange a single KeyMander between multiple game consoles and/or console platforms without changing firmware

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Comment (29)

    1. +ITXtutor and you think it will be cost round 500$? sorry for my bad english, i live in germany… 🙂 ty for your answer

  1. Does anyone know if I can still talk to my friends on a x box LIVE party if I have my controller connected to the KEYMANDER? (X BOX ONE) Thanks!

  2. A REAL scam.
    When you play it once and come back the next day, it won’t work and you’re gonna have to keep messing around keep on turn off and on and do everything you did yesterday all over again.

  3. My keymander just stopped responding. Was working last night and now just won’t work at all. It turns on but it’s not responding 🙁


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