Inside HUAWEI after Trumps BAN – HongMeng OS is coming !

Donald Trump has banned Huawei and this Huawei Ban also results in Google, ARM and more banning Huawei. But what is Huaweis future Strategy now ?
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ccording to the folks at Huawei Central, Huawei's Plan B operating system for its devices could be named or codenamed Hongmeng. Supposedly in development since 2012 and tested on Huawei devices, it's not the first time Huawei have opted out of Google's nominated OS (remember the Huawei watch GT with 2 weeks battery life that didn't use Android Wear or was that actually Hongmeng?).
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    1. +geheimschriver Yep. This kills future Kirin processors. With this, their only choice going forward is a ground-uo RISC-V processor (which is probably the future anyway).

    2. +paolo valente I’m wondering, what if the new os of Huawei has been released, is it available for p30 pro? Cause I just bought this phone last week, feel a little disappointed here as a consumer that impact from this trade war thing

    3. +Nagisa Shiota this comment just shows your lack of knowledge. Huawei can continue to use android. Educate yourself before posting a comment. Ty

    1. I used Sony phones for almost all my life, now I switched to Huawei cheapest model p20 lite, and now I will just buy Huawei phones.. They are great!

    2. +André Catharino and as soon as they start releasing bootloader codes again, they’ll be amazing…

  1. I’m true Huawei fan…..they make great products good quality…..I will still upgrade p30 just to support.

    1. +bomb hiroshima as far i can see they dont say anything abourt Huawei. You avoid My question. Can you prove that iPhone dont have backdoors on thier phones? And can you prove that Huawei have backdoors on thier phones? That link you send only talks abourt that some technology have been stolen and sold, it dosent say Who did it and Who bougth it.

  2. It all just political. All the tricks now put on Huawei was once also used on a French company called Alstom. You google the history. The US kidnapped the CEO of Alstom when he traveled to US for a business meeting and banned US company to work with Alstom. Pretty familiar right? Guess what, US finally agreed to release their CEO after Alstom agreed to be divided into smaller companies and sold to US capitals. That’s why the EU friends dont ban Huawei 5G, especially France, this time. They have learned lesson, we all have. We know what is going on. US bullying.

    1. +Nocerus 75g I don’t need your opinion on it if you are not like to talk about it.
      In India we have democracy and we can talk about politics. So I not miserable but may be guy like you are more miserable.
      When China have such kind of relationship with India as I Indian I like to present India on China stand.
      They are making cheap phone which may be reason you keep at their side to be fair I also have Chinese phone I.e. Mi pad but mostly It offline as use for reading and I am not abuse any China company I like address my or my nation issue with china

    2. +pubokiazm I never say don’t watch other thing I watch many contant on YouTube and then say what right or wrong, and China uncensored is never in particular and it not brainwashing, I will say brainwashed mean keep Muslim in jail and erase their religion. Because that what communist is.

    3. +Nocerus 75g USA contribution to civilization: there have always been many factions in the USA. Some recognize the Golden rule. Most recognized the rule of gold. The native Aborigines, we call them Indians, got screwed by both.

    1. Kodiak and Grizzly Bears Europeans consist of fucking tiny countries. Each and every country in Europe is NO MATCH to China . Fuckers like you are doomed to suck Chinese dicks and rub Chinese balls. Hope the immigrants rape your moms and wives and wipe your race out of this world.

  3. I am a Huawei user since 2013 starting with the Y300. Now a P30 Pro user and i will keep on supporting huawei. Let’s go HongMeng OS/ Kirin OS. Make it happen, MAKE IT POSSIBLE! #TeamHuawei #Huawei

    1. Songwut Sangsanguan right I don’t care about Huawei or Hawaii I still hope they die soon! Well currently Samsung is chilling in background!

  4. Huawei has promised a new OS in fall 2019. The existing phones are not affected. The new phones may be delayed for a few months. That is all. Donald Trump and his team of alt-right idiots are totally ignorant of how fast the technology market moves. Today it is Google. The next week it may be replaced.

  5. I’m a proud Huawei user from Sri Lanka. Love their phones. Gonna upgrade to another Huawei soon.

    1. +Donald Christian
      I Said I Hope It Won’t Be A Copycat🙂
      Read What I Said Properly..
      I Just Hoped They’ll Create Sth Original..For Once

  6. Im also huawei fan… Im using mate 20pro… If huawei launch Hmeng OS is it possible my fhone to have it… If not im gonna buy next product.. Support from 🇲🇾

    1. +Hong A I agree. China bans US companies. Also, if you start a business corporation in China and you’re from some other country, China puts crazy demands on you and the government must own a certain percentage (very high) of the company. That’s apart from many other atrocious practices by China.

    2. +Hong A but chinese are smart enough not to care…let’s stop this childish game of who can ban more…

    3. +Hong A what but! Your HK has plenty of Google BUT the Chinese do not use it, The mainland Real Chinese people have all of their own they love it more than Google can offer.. What is your problem, if they do not like Google you can not force on them.

    4. +Hong A china ban all those things yu mentioned not only US but all other except by using their own things which is good….
      They just use their own browser and so on…. actually it would have affect the people in china since they don’t have acces to it but they are happy with it…
      But this trump ban was ridiculous…he should ban only in USA. Because this affect consumers hard earn money around the world….

    5. +Hong A if google would like to follow the local law, they can do business in China, the main concept is to leave the data in China, but google.refused. As.we see now, EU.has.the.GDPR.

  7. After this ban! My next phone will be a Huawei!
    Until the US stops bullying other countries and starting wars we should boycott all of their products.

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