Mengapa tidak ada pikiran dari ini sebelum?

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Anda mungkin akan tertarik

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    1. For sure it’s one step ahead

      Penamaan – Apple ripoff
      Tablet – Apple ripoff
      Mag safeApple ripoff

      It doesn’t even have a glimpse of the ecosystem that Apple’s got and it costs more than an iPad….it’s like Windows is becoming Apple wannabe lmao. Oh and can we talk about the 120hz screen refresh rate and the processing power of an iPad pro?

      A tablet to replace laptops” – looks just like a laptop, just even more uncomfortable due to the keyboard and the kickstand (hard to actually use on the top of your lap).

      For now Surface is still a confused child torn between being a laptop and being a tablet. And on top of that it lacks the actual OS to make it fully useful as a tablet, and it lacks the high level processing power (and graphics) to make it useful as a full on laptop. BUT IT COSTS MORE THAN BOTH

    1. Jomills Jose Anand The surface pro family has existed LONG before the iPad Proif anything, the IPad Pro is a surface wannabe

  1. Who’s been here with Unbox Therapy before 2019

    Show yourself in the comment section 😉❤

  2. Who else watches these even thought u can’t afford it

    If everyone that saw this subscribed it could change my life!!! God bless you all!!!!


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