OnePlus 5 Tinjauan – Cash Grab Or True Successor?

So the OnePlus 5 is actually below, is this a worthwhile successor to the terrific 3T? Or even merely a simple specification bump? Should 3T managers upgrade? OnePlus 5 customer review timecodes below:

00:58 – Desain & Tampilan
03:36 – Program perangkat lunak & Spesifikasi
04:32 – Kinerja
06:25 – Tolok ukur
07:56 – Baterai gaya hidup
09:26 – Charge opportunities
10:15 – Suara
11:19 – Games/ Strangling
12:03 – Electronic camera evaluation & sampel
15:06 – Last words along with Pros & Kelemahan

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  1. Timecodes:

    00:58 – Desain & Layar
    03:36 – Perangkat lunak & Spesifikasi
    04:32 – Kinerja
    06:25 – Tolok ukur
    07:56 – Battery life
    09:02 – GPS
    09:26 – Charge times
    10:15 – Audio
    11:19 – Game / Throttling
    12:03 – Review kamera & sampel
    15:06 – Final words with Pros & Kontra

    1. Domino0441 op 5 better camera and performance
      but i like more the built quality and design of mi6 that shiny glass back
      still i will be choosing mi6 more than op5

    2. Seagullian Dave overall camera is better on the mi 6…. because day light shots and 2x zoom is better on one plus 5 but low light shots, portrait mode and video quality and stability is better on the mi 6 and though mi 6’s rom was not stable before,but now it is totally stable and just as fast as one plus 5… performance is similar now…….As a phone also,MI 6 lebih baik bagi saya….I like miui…..and those who like miui,then mi 6 is the best choice for them….

    1. Zombie Terrorist lol for 600euro you find samsung s8 europe so no snap but stillAnd 500euro lg g6 lol why buy a 1+5 Wakakak

    1. The only downside of the LG G6 is the S821 (which is why the price is low) but for me it has the best design so far (especially the front) and everything is very good : best camera with HTC U11, best dac with asian version etc

      If you don’t care about the power (and the S835 is more about power efficiency), it’s the best deal.

    2. Never needed, that’s why I only talk about power consumption.
      More power will only be needed with windows 10 LENGAN, but that’s for end 2017.

  2. Seriously thankful you are around; thanks for another review that’s free of sponsor pressures. Juga, such a beautiful smile from your lovely daughter! Bersulang, Chris!

    1. I was just watching a different Xiaomi video of yours and saw Vera with another cat beside her, and I caught myself thinking, “Vera now has a boyfriend??” I am in too deep in this channel. Wishing your family the best!

  3. I got the OnePlus One when it came out back in the summer of 2014. It served me well, especially thanks to the amazing work that 3rd party devs on XDA put in. Namun setelah 3 years it had really taken a beating and I was ready for an upgrade.
    Since it was the only 2017 phone I found interesting, I ordered the OnePlus 5 when it first went on sale and I’ve had it for the last few days now. And honestly, I’m underwhelmed. It hardly seems like a step up from my 3-year-old OPO.
    Yakin, battery life is better (it is a new phone after all) and dash charging is neat, but the hyped up camera is unremarkable and the software doesn’t hold a candle to LineageOS. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I just can’t justify spending 500 bucks on it.
    I’ve decided to return the OnePlus 5 and have now ordered a Redmi Note 4 Global for 130 Euros to hold me over until something more enticing is released.

    1. I had the 3T for month, and this is hardly even a step up unless you like benchmarks. But also underwhelmed by it, mostly the two rear cameras. Mainly because it was hyped up so much. But it’s still a great phone, but at 499 euros I’m not sure I’ll keep it. It really is priced too high for what it offers compared to the competition.

  4. Could you make a comparison with the xiaomi mi 6? Kamera, battery life and sound qualityI want to but one of these, but i don’t know which one

  5. i used to say : ill just wait for OP5, mi6 has too much compromise for its price. and doesn’t even have OIS. then OP5 came without OIS, lebih mahal, crappier when gaming

  6. I must admit, I was really struggling about watching this video. I have seen so many videos with Oneplus 5 that I was already sick of them 😀


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