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Huawei P9 review, dual camera, leica, brand new model on our testbench. The Huawei p9 sale starts soon !
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Review from Lars on our Blog:

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Comment (33)

    1. +Estelle Bright I have the P8 Lite and no lag no matterhow many apps are running in the background. Seems like you got a fake P8 or something

    2. +S Tech Hmm. During my use of P8, general use is OK but Google Play Store is too laggy comparing to other apps. Since Huawei sells different version of P8 on different market, I think this may be the case.  

    3. +S Tech I’ve had my p8 for 8 months and it’s been my most reliable phone to date. I’ve had xperia z3, lg g3, galaxy s5 and oneplus two between myself and my partner. The p8 has really been brilliant for me. Once you get over the heavily skinned version of android which seems to mix the best of Apple and Android it’s a brilliant phone. I’ll definitely be getting the p9 when this eventually dies or I get bored of it.
      Benchmarks mean nothing in the real world as nobody tested the 810 chip from last year when it heated up and gave dire benchmark results due to overheating. Kyrin chips are reliable workhorses that get the job done. I don’t get overheating or lag with my p8. I didn’t pay a lot for it and didn’t expect much in return but it’s blown me away with the quality of the thing. Only thing I would like is quick charge but I get a full day with the battery anyway so it’s not the end of the world.

  1. Damm impressed that you got this review put so early considering the high level of quality you always provide! Thank you for your hard work ! Your new channel direction will do amazing

  2. That looks very good, also the audio jack is under the phone is very good.
    I hope that Mate 9 wil be the same just bigger and faster 😉

    1. +CK Lim that is old news, Leica and Huawei both released official statement that they jointly co-engineered the camera technology, it was only produced by third party for mass production process.

  3. I don’t know if you read this comment but I really miss the old itxtutor, who made Budget phone Reviews and so on… I mean the Quality of your Videos are amazing but I would like to see a little bit more of the old Steffen.

    LG ein Deutschsprachiger Fan

    1. I bought it and it is amazing great phone but takes some time to get used to and great camera and a really fast processor it us faster than the S7 snapdragon variant

    2. Николай Сеченова me too bro,its awesome smartphone,i will buy it in summer and I cant wait for that (sorry for my english i am czech) 🙂

    3. +Lukáš Sajdl
      I recommend it 100%, been using it for half a year now, no problem whatsoever. Also it’s really cheap now.

  4. EMUI takes the fun and makes that I will buy next time again a motodevice.
    Hold the p9 normaly. This device has two different soundmodes


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