Huawei P30 Pro Teardown – The REAL Leica Quad Camera !

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We had a look inside of the Huawei P30 Pro in this Teardown video filmed at the Huawei Service Store in Vienna !
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The Huawei P30 Pro has all the necessary skills to be an excellent flagship choice, and if it matches the hype Huawei is creating around it then it’s going to be a seriously impressive device. #Huawei #p30series #Huaweip30pro
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Comment (35)

    1. +TechMagnet nice.

      If you can include other phones (can be other Huawei phones like the Mate 20 Pro) to see what phone is more resistant.

    2. +TechMagnet Hi Stefan, when will you reply my email? You receive our projector and from then on, I never receive your email. 😟😟😟

  1. you killed me when you said that guy has more than 20 years of experience with smartphones when smartphones where born in 2007 If I’m not wrong xD

    1. Technically, smartphones are from a long time. Symbian OS was a smart operating system with possibilities to install 3rd party apps.

    1. S10plus if you want the best screen, great video recording, a solid overall camera. P30 pro if you could use the zoom, want a great Camera and the almost best battery performance in class. Would go with the p30 because it’s cheaper in my country, I don’t care too much for high res screens and the camera is very versatile. Videos however not good.

    2. +TechMagnet I dont care about resolution screen too or interface. The problem is P30pro having many weak points: Not good mic as s10 have, no dual stereo speakers, not good video as is good for photos. RYYB sensor colors are bad and not legitm or vivid in several situations compared to S10 and XS. Some situations where the sensor capture the sun light on things with a very strange orange appearance. Nanocard for extra storage is very difficult to buy as an huawei product. So i think they can fix p30pro weak points for Mate30pro

    3. @TechMagnet Did u test Galaxy Watch Active? Is worth buying some cash more here in my country at pre-order and receive it or is just a watch for exercisers?

    4. +André Felipe Yea the ryyb sensor sometimes bevahes strange. In low light I often got a purple hue…. Still working on the camera comparison. This will be really In depth. Speaker true. Mics are good so far as I’ve tested. Hm don’t care too much about memory as I got the 256gb version and that’s more than enough for me

    5. The S10+ is the better overall design, better screen, speakers, and UI imo, with a very good camera that is highly inconsistent in low light and indoors photography.
      The P30 Pro still has a great screen, a good speaker, an okay UI, and a killer camera and battery.

      If you want the S10+ and can get your hands on the snapdragon version, then go for it, because you can have a fully functioning Pixel 3 cam port that fixes all the S10 camera’s shortcomings, including night sight.
      In my country, we have the exynos version, and I have had the phone for about a month now, but for someone who loves taking pictures of my kids and prioritizes the camera, I already preordered the P30 Pro and I’m selling my S10+ as soon as I get this one. After my hands on with the P30, the only thing I am gonna miss from my S10+ is the awesome Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, but I’m willing to take that tradeoff when I’m getting a much better camera in return.

      Hope my comment and experience helps you with your decision.
      Best of luck.

  2. The Huawei phone’s camera is not real Leica camera, it is just co-engineered with Huawei, the hardware part is nothing to do with Leica, only the software part


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