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We know the Nova 5 had a forty eight megapixel main sensor. It also included a wide angle, a depth sensor and a macro lens. However, the main 48 megapixel camera in that phone was the same as we found in the Huawei tin over four, so the Huawei in over six might be in line for an upgrade. According to this leak stir in China, the Nova six range could be using either the AMX 600 or the IMX 686. The imx6 86, apart from being a handful to say, is in fact a sixty four megapixel camera sensor from Sony. That would mean a bump up in the megapixel count from 48 to 64 megapixels. So it seems like the megapixel race in China at least, is back on with Xiaomi using a brand new, a hundred megapixel plus camera sensor, some rumors that even Samsung are going to use a sensor with that many megapixels in the upcoming Galaxy S 11 range and While it's not confirmed it would make sense for highway to bump up the 48 megapixel sensor up to 64 megapixels. What, in my opinion, is less likely? Is the inclusion of the IMX 600 as the main camera sensor, which kwame have used in their flagship phones for a very long time? We'Ll have to wait and see on that one as for now that is just a rumor and nothing concrete as yet. Thanks to slash leaks, we got our first look at the Nova 6 lineup in three different colors.

This is the non pro 4G phone and what is confirmed is the dual hole punch cutout on the screen. But what is more interesting is the leak of the nova 6 pro 5g model. Now, for what looks to be slightly disappointing with this leak from evey leaks, who is not off them wrong? We can see that even the nova 6 pro the 5g model is actually using an LCD screen. You can see from the render, on the right hand, side of the phone. It has a elongated and flat power button. That is actually without a doubt. The side mounted fingerprint sensor that why we use in a lot of phones, for example, the on a 9 X, had same thing. Initially, it was thought that OLED screens would be used across the honor of the 35 G and the Nova six pro five G. But further leaks and renders online have all pointed to the fact that they will be using LCD displays. It does seem strange for our way on the Nova 5 Pro to have used an OLED screen and now switching back to LCD. The only reason for this I can think of is that the finds will carry 5 G and a high end chipset, which means that we need to save costs elsewhere, because the Nova range and the V 30 range are supposed to be more budget friendly. We also got a leak of what is possibly the V 30 or the nova 6 Pro or possibly both, because both of these phones have a lot of the same hard way.

It also features that jewel hole, punch, cutout on the right, and if you take a closer look at the display, it has slightly uneven lighting around the entire display and at the bottom you can see some ghosting, which is a dead giveaway that this is without a Doubt an LCD panel, of course, LCD panels can support 90 Hertz. According to this Huawei tipster, the Nova 6 Pro and the honor V 30 will both come with 90 Hertz refresh rate screens, knowing my way I'm. Not so sure – and we have no other concrete information, but I certainly hope that they do have 90 Hertz 40 watt fast. Charging has also been confirmed by registry information and that's, a really good spec for these mid range phones, so slightly disappointing for some people.

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  1. Hi man awsme …..put sme content for india too or add some details releted to india like release and pricing or will it come to india plzz bro

  2. premium smartphones should have a headphone jack included that’s what i need and I will be good at any circumstances

  3. i had the nova 4 and i LOVED IT, was my first huawei phone, EMUI is awesome. Now i have a mi mix 3 5g and can’t wait to have another huawei device.


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