Huawei Mate X Hands-On Review – The BEST Foldable Smartphone 2019 !

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The Huawei Mate X is one of the hottest Smartphones of 2019 – But is it worth the hype ? Checkout my Mate X Hands-On Review ! Full Review soon.
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The Huawei Mate X Pro isn't going to be the first foldable phone to launch, but it might be the first you seriously consider paying gobs of money for in 2019. Its solid-feeling hinge allows this handset to fold up, transforming from full 8-inch tablet into a more-traditional-looking 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch smartphone with a screen on either side. It feels like you're holding the future in your hand, just know that your transformative euphoria over this phone comes at a very high price. (Techradar) #Huawei #MateX #HuaweiMateX
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Comment (39)

  1. Very nice concept with beautifull no-notch screen, superthin on folding, blasting quick charge and great cameras. Best of 2019 !

  2. one thing about these foldables is that they have a really weird aspect ratio
    i hope this will be cheaper than the samesung

    1. its actually more expensive. but price tags on foldables is stupid right now anyway. Yes the aspect ratio is a big problem.

  3. What happend with battery on your P20 Pro, you mentioned its very bad now because of super charge, got me scared a bit xD Im using P20 Pro since july and the battery is still good as first day .. ??

    1. well my p10 now doesnt reach 100% anymore and the battery has only 60% capacity and the p20 pro also starts to take really long to charge to 100%.. Well quickcharge doesnt kill your battery for sure, but the chance that it dies earlier is bigger.

  4. I believe the price of foldable phones will go down to the level of regular phone in 2 years. Then, it will become the mainstream phone type at that time.

    1. I doubt it lol these screens are very expensive tech still and very limited, with companies jumping on board of this trend, it’ll be a while till they’re actually cheap enough to down the costs of the device, not to mention R&D price for hinges and corning will also want a piece of the pie for their special glass when the time comes. These devices will be the new 1000$ phones we saw in the S8 days with the Note 8 being priced up there at 1000$, normal devices will be closer to $1K and these will be the new top dogs for a few years.

  5. Great hands on. I’m glad to hear split screen can be placed vertically as well as side to side. Useful for video watching up top. Screen protection seems to be the only concern for me. We’ll see.


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