Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review – Not Much Of An Upgrade

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro review. An in-depth review of Huawei's latest flagship on somewhat beta yet retail firmware that's sure to improve. Includes camera review, video samples, photo samples, benchmarks, battery life, loudspeaker sample, gaming and much more. I bought it here:

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04:42 – Screen
05:42 – ROM, performance & benchmarks
11:18 – Gaming performance
12:40 – Audio & sample
13:35 – Camera app & bugs
14:57 – Camera samples
18:43 – Pros & Cons

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Comment (33)

    1. @Daniel Orozco I’m an Android guy too and in my opinion, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro crushes any IPhone in almost every category. 🤷‍♂️

    2. Really??? You have the S10+ and you use the p30 pro as your every day phone?? Why?? Can you please tell me the truth??

  1. Now if Huawei let people unlock their phone’s bootloaders it would be completely different.

    Heh, maybe Huawei will actually allow people to do so again.

    1. My prediction is they will, I mean they are going to have to do this in the end. If they don’t the Mate 30 series is a huge flop outside of China.

  2. Hi mate. Good honest review. I own a p30 pro and I was wondering if it makes sense to upgrade to the mate 30. I had especially high hopes for the video low light performance was hoping huawei would pull off the same as they did with p20 low light pictures. However I have to say that low light video performance is a bit underwhelming.
    Hope they come up with it on p30)

    1. Yes as a P30 owner myself you saw that it’s just a side step for now and really we gain only (faster 60fps 4k if it can hold 60fps) Better low light video. Later on better slow-mo, at more secure face unlocking but wider notch. Not worth it at all, not a an upgrade just another option. I’m going to sell up keep my P30 Pro and S10 Plus. I got this because I feel for the hype to replace my P30.

  3. 04:42 – Screen
    05:42 – ROM, performance & benchmarks
    11:18 – Gaming performance
    12:40 – Audio & sample
    13:35 – Camera app & bugs
    14:57 – Camera samples
    18:43 – Pros & Cons

    1. You can install any APK files just fine even Google Maps etc. Just just can’t install Play Store and the Google services framework it needs. So 3rd party stores are needed or manually find and install APK files.

  4. “I think I used an Orange SIM” while showing the image of speedtest where it says “Rate your carrier Yoigo” 😀 Dunno how it is in your part of Spain but here in Gran Canaria, Yoigo is really quite behind Vodafone, Orange and Movistar. Some in the extended family got Yoigo, and they always have bad reception. BTW, I’m probably gonna update my Mate 10 (non pro, which by some odd reason was better than the pro) to either the Mate 30 Pro 5G or the Mate X, whenever either of them show up in Spain.

  5. I never use QHD resolution, i always set to 1080p to save power… it is not a big deal..
    and I think, in 5G model, it will consump a lot of power, that’s why huawei just offer 1080p resolution

  6. Taken a screenshot on Huawei devices can’t be too easy! Just knock twice on the screen and you are done. Working perfectly on my Mate 20 pro.

  7. There’s an app on apkmirror called gmsinstaller which was used to install Google services to older Huawei phones. But not sure if that would work on the new phones

  8. For a person like me with XXXXXXS hand size current size of phones is completely unacceptable. I have a 139mm Redmi 4X but I miss 120mm size smartphones.


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