Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro – Install Google Apps and Play Store !

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It's possible to have the Google Playstore and Google Services such as GMS on your Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro. But is it dangerous ? Lets check it out. Get yours here:
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Comment (36)

  1. Did you like it? I love your videos btw they are amazing and I can see how hard you are working, best of luck Sir.

    1. yea so far i like it. working on a battery drain test and camera review right now. Thank you soo much for watching mate 🙂

  2. Love Huawei, love Mate!♥️ I hope things get better for them. But Steven, I’ve heard that as of 3rd October, Huawei has discontinued to allow anyone to use backdoor, so one cannot get access to play store.

    1. its all just scare tactics people should stop believeing everything they read and take things into consideration in their own minds on what they believe!!!!

  3. I’m using Huawei since my chenese version of the mate7 and I love how the emui is making things easy and reliable. Actually using a mate 20x 4g and I’m so happy with it and I’m waiting for the mate X but this “Trump” problem is an issue

  4. The app pre-installed on your phone is called Google Service Installer. It’s kinda like a noob tool to install google service. You just need to keep tapping the biggest NEXT button and it will do things automatically. But yes nobody knew who wrote it so if you care about your privacy more than convenient, just get apps from apkmirror or some others online apps store. Also can help with Chinese translation ☺️

    1. Also a third-party shopping website is actually not recommended for buying Huawei phones because the phone may be a second phone or an unofficial refurbished phone

  5. So please keep us informed, when there is a solution for Play Store and Play Services, Widewine … or HarmonyOS for that device ?

  6. I use on my p10 plus, mate 10 Pro, mate 20 Pro , p20 Pro and mate 20 x all failed on safetynet test even it is on default Google play store

  7. this phone interests me a lot, I love it! but i want a clear answer i see too many articles saying that installing Google apps on this Huawei is no longer possible … i would like to have a clean answer please is it possible to install the Google services and apps that we want where is it just Google pay that does not pass (if it’s that Google pay I don’t care)?

    1. @HaDi TaFtAzaNi what security are you talking about? Facebook has been spying on us for years. Snapchat saves all our images at different ages to name just those … perso me as long as it works I will take. I will not pay attention to all this demagoguery whose only purpose is to harm a company that for them represents a threat in terms of leadership.

  8. Thank you sooooooooo much for this explainations… Mate 30 series just launched in Malaysia yesterday, I have doubts previously but watching your video give me confidence to buy.. Million thanksss ???

  9. Wow!!! Congrats on your purchase. So exciting !! Can’t wait for it to be available here in Australia. Itching to get my hands on one soon.


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