Huawei EMUI 10 vs EMUI 9 Comparison – ALL NEW FEATURES !

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The Huawei Mate 30 pro is coming soon and Huawei is promoting their new Android 10 Operating System Skin Huawei EMUI 10 ! Today we gonna compare it with EMUI 9 and checkout the new features.
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Comment (31)

  1. Welcome back Steven! Can’t wait for Mate 30 along with brand new EMUI 10. Technically I shouldn’t be getting this year after Mate 20 pro, but I’m breaking the rule just once this time😉& good video dude, was expecting from Huawei Ambassador, 👍

    1. I’m using the Mate 8. Does anyone know how to update the phone from EMUI 4.0 to something newer? It has the updater app,but no updates. Otherwise a good phone.

    2. @ghostmanriding I don’t think it’s possible because it’s an old model. You may need to switch to a newer Mate phone to get new software. You can try to root it and use custom software but I would not recommend it.

  2. you have the oneplus 7 pro…did you review it as i don’t remember seeing that at all……and of course if you wanna sell it you know who to call too…lol

  3. Sorry for your loss. Thanks for the video. One thing I want to know is if they changed the auto brightness feature. It’s great, but aggressive. I call it aggressive because it doesn’t seem to turn off. Even if you turn it off in settings it’s still on. While I didnt like this because I just wanted constant full brightness sometimes. It does however adapt well to lighting changes. But I want to be the one in charge of it.

  4. My condolences,thanks for the video. Just one detail,the place where you change the system navigation it’s just a suggestion in the P30 you’re using,which means that eventually you will not have it there after a short amount of time. In fact you can see that there is a cross at the righ corner of that bar which means you can “close” that suggestion,a thing you cant do with the other menu bar. Sorry for my poor explanation. 😅😅

  5. Can anyone tell me why my huawei nova 3i with 4gb of ram cannot keep more than 2 apps?
    Is it the settings or nova 3i do not have any capabilities?

  6. That’s a decent One UI copy you got there. Not as good and smooth but it works just fine. Eventhough it will be a laggy emUI.


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