Xiaomi Mi 5X Unboxing And Hands-On Review (English)


Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Unboxing, first appearance along with camera customer review & samples. Where to buy:

Te su ploče:

01:48 – Layout
03:23 – Finger print audience
03:56 – ROM
04:54 – Screen
05:35 – Antutu Credit rating
06:14 – Audio speakers
06:43 – Why no hardware tricks?
07:01 – Kamera & samples
10:24 – Last works with Pros & Drawbacks

Xiaomi Mi 5X Specifications:

Twin nano SIM
MicroSD + 1 Nano SIM
3080mAh električne baterije
Wireless Air Conditioning
Double back cameras, 12MP f. 2., 12MP f2.6 along with x 2 optical zoom
Front 5MP f2.2 camera
LTE band 1( 2100), 3( 1800), 5( 850), 7( 2600), 8( 900), 34( 2000), 38( 2600), 39( 1900), 40( 2300), 41( 2500).

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  1. Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Unboxing, first look with camera review & samples.

    Te su ploče:

    01:48 – Design
    03:23 – Fingerprint reader
    03:56 – ROM
    04:54 – Screen
    05:35 – Antutu Score
    06:14 – Speakers
    06:43 – Why no hardware keys?
    07:01 – Kamera & samples
    10:24 – Final works with Pros & Cons

    Xiaomi Mi 5X Specs:

    5.5″ 1080p IPS
    4GB RAM-A
    64GB eMMC
    Dual nano SIM
    MicroSD + 1 Nano SIM
    3080mAh battery
    Wireless AC
    Dual rear cameras, 12MP f.2., 12MP f2.6 with x 2 optical zoom
    Front 5MP f2.2 camera
    LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 34(2000), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)

    1. menzáč beacuse I have read in many articles that it was going to be 16mpx sensor. And selfie is important to me

    1. Performance, they seem the same. Kamera, I think the Max 2 is better at daytime stills, Mi 5X looks a little better at low light.

    2. TechTablets.com thanks bro for your opinion.. so i’ll choose mi max 2 bcoz i rarely take pictures at night or low light area. Thanks again!!

  2. Omnivison rear cameras are much the same on dash cameras. Ok-ish at day and punch a fair bit above their weight at night, but oversharpening and processing during the day is horrid.

    Obviously they went with these rather than Samsung or Sony because OV sensors are cheaper.

    Disappointed too at 4K video recording bitrate but could be bottleneck cos of eMMC or ISP, but ideally would be around the 60MB mark instead of 42 a second.

    Of note it is interesting to see that old Sony IMX sensors like IMX377 in LG Nexus 5x / Huawei 6p are making their way to action cameras now like the Yi 4K+

    1. Yi 4K+ looks great, I want one of them! I which they have at least the main camera IMX398, I guess it’s too pricey and they want us to buy the MI 6. The focus issues suck, however. Have to use tap to focus in video. And the front camera audio is messed up big time. A patch should address that easy.

    2. TechTablets.com agreed on all counts. Shame really and like you point out in the video what’s the point of this device. Those who care about video and photo will notice the difference right away.

    1. SD625 is still a very good chip, easy on the battery and provides enough power for current games as long as it’s a1080p screen it’s driving it’s all good.

    1. Mi 5S would be a better choice. Much better phone overall, just lacking OIS or DIS in 4k. Otherwise, takes the best stills of any Xiaomi.

    2. Mi5s has quite an unstable finger print scanner in my experience and the bluetooth range is very limited (1-2meters). I wonder if this is fixed in this model and the 6. Other than that it’s a perfect phone for the price.

    3. Mi 6 the fingerprint reader is great, the Wifi is one of the best tested 2 x 2 antennas and BT I had no issues with it.

    4. Yes, but the Mi5S is ugly (subjective thoughts) and his fingerprint sensor is terrible. I’d rather prefer Lenovo P2 at 180€, Xiaomi Redmi Napomena 4 International (with Snapdragon 625, B20 and Google Services pre-installed) or Lenovo Moto Z Play at 220€. However there are also the Mi5S Plus at 230€, the Mi5 at 180€ and the Honor 8 at 250€

    1. Sorry, I sold my Note 4X to buy the Mi Max 2. Maybe when the channel is massive one day I will be able to afford to keep everything and do more comparisons.

    1. Kapacitetan I don’t think so. Redmi Note 4 International with Snapdragon 625 is a very good phone, and the MediaTek version is not bad, at all. Mi5, Mi5S Plus, Mi6 and Mi Mix are very good phones.

    2. Note 4 SD owner here and I´m glad I got rid of my Note 3 Pro. Kenzo was good device but Mido has better Xiaomi support.

    3. Miui 9 is faster they can have that credit. But yes it won’t fix the photos. Doubt they make a new camera app one week before release. Had 7.7.28. Somebody checked for me on 7.8.4 that’s last friday version and there wasn’t a new app either.

      Waiting for global stable but eu team will be quicker forking the cn version.

  3. Hi Chris, I bought a Jumper EZB3 Pro based off your video and am very happy with it. I want to buy a new phone for my Mum’s birthday coming up. I want to spend about $250, prefer a Snapdragon 625, good battery life, fingerprint sensor. Camera is not important. What would you recommend? Mix 5X? ZUK 2 Pro?

  4. I think that this phone would have been more interesting if Xiaomi had added true OIS and EIS, better sensors and stereo speakers

    1. The Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Pro 2 may be better products. The Note 5 is said to have Snapdragon 630, a FHD IPS screen and a big battery (I expect something between 3500mAh and 4100mAh) at the typical low price point, while the Redmi Pro 2 is said to have Snapdragon 660, a 6GB RAM variant and probably OLED screen that, combined with a probably big battery, will still guarantee respectable battery life. And probably the Redmi Pro 2 will still have double camera. So I’ll say that the Redmi Pro 2 may be what the Mi5X should have been from the beginning. What do you think?

    2. It’s just a Redmi Note 4 with a cheap dual-camera setup, a slimmer battery and a way higher price. This is why it’s so disappointing

  5. they likely have some margins and parts-clausuls they need to fill and honor, but yup this handset is nothing to write home about.


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