How To R-JTAG your Xbox 360 ! – Part 1 – The Basics ! [HD]

Get your R-JTAG kit here :

Hi guys and welcome to my new video. Today i want to show you how to R-JTAG every Phat Xbox 360 !

I´ll split this video in 3 parts.

Part1 – The basics
Part2 – The installation
Part3 – Advanced usage

xbox 360 hacking guide video:

PDF guide :

R-JTAG tutorials :

► The TX R-JTAG Ultimate kit v1.1 contains :

•Xecuter R-JTAG v1.0
•Xecuter JR-Programmer v2
•Xecuter FULL POST Phat QSB v2
•Xecuter Non-Xenon JTAG QSB v2
•Xecuter Phat QSB v3
•FFC POST_OUT Ribbon Cable
•R-JTAG Install Wires

R-JTAG is a totally new exploit that re-enables a version of the old JTAG hack that is incredibly fast, rock solid and reliable.

The R-JTAG is not for modders looking for cheap and cheerful solutions or anyone who is happy with slow, unreliable boot times. If you want the best – this is it.

The first release of R-JTAG is designed for all non-Xenon phats (Zephyr, Opus, Falcon, Jasper).

Xecuter have put together two packages. The R-JTAG Starter Kit which covers the basics (mainly for those who already own the JR Programmer v2) and the R-JTAG Ultimate Kit which includes absolutely everything that you need to do a complete high performance install.


•Brand new design – totally new method that brings back JTAG !
•Works on latest Dash/Kernel Versions
•Next Generation JTAG Tool – The highest performing JTAG device on the market
•No more need for old RGH1/RGH2
•Full POST monitoring and tuning via RATER Feature – fine tune your boot times to PERFECTO! (Requires JR Programmer v2)
•Phat QSB v3 included (Plug n Play NAND-X / JR Programmer)
•Serial/UART Comms Port for full monitoring using a NAND-X USB Update Cable & J-Runner software (Cable not included)
•Multiple pulse settings via DIP Switches
•New Built In ROL Option (Show Debug LED On Front Panel Ring Of Light)
•Built-in Ribbon Cable Connector For DemoN (Includes CR_EN and XSVF Programming – no soldering or wires)
•Optimized timing for each motherboard version
•Power LED
•Debug LED
•Easy Install (Includes All Wires)
•Works perfectly with J-R Programmer v2 & DemoN
•JR Programmer v2 is required for RATER & NAND Programming Functions (Included with the Ultimate Kit)
•Quality Assured – No Cheap Chinese Knocks-Offs
•Trusted Team Xecuter Design & Warranty

Thanks for watching ! 🙂

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Comment (31)

  1. your seller for the r-jtag does not produce them anymore can you please update your description with a link to a new seller.thanks

    ~Aqua Flow~

  2. Hey, soon the Cr4 chip from team xecuter will release, do you want to make a tutorial from how to r-jtag a phat console with DemoN? I love your vids!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YOU CAN DO THIS ON ANY DASH!!!! however the kit has been discontinued just buy thr CR4 XL and QSBs and do the r-jtag install aud clamp

    1. If you don’t want to do it yourself go to store.weekend.modder.com they have a send in service that cost 45 for jtag or 75 if you have an xbox slim or your dashboard is newer and you need to rgh instead

  4. Unfortunately I got the Xbox 360 as a gift when I was a kid and now I was wondering why I couldn’t go online then I found out it’s jtagged and I can’t seem to get rid of it

    1. DarkMGamer you can purchase a stealth server and a new kv and if it doesn’t have xex menu you gotta install that by using a computer Google it you can’t go online with a jtag without it

    2. Lavar Ball thanks I heard that some of the stealth servers aren’t as good, but I have a professional who can get me one and a KV for a price


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