How to Make Your MacBook Pro Faster – 2018!

Step by Step Guide, DIY on how to make your macbook pro 2018 faster ! Egpu Case akitio Thunder 2:
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All Macs begin to slow down with age — MacBook Pro, iMac, it doesn’t matter. But don’t worry, there are many performance tips for you to fix it up. We’ve found the 5 best ways on how to make your Mac faster. Some work better than others (depending on your Mac) but we’ll show you all of them and you can decide for yourself how to make your slow Mac faster.

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Comment (37)

  1. except on the BMP from after mid 2012 have every thing soldered directly to the motherboard = you can’t upgrade them.

  2. mine is a 2011 and it has sata3. i upgraded with 1TB samsung evo 850 SSD and 16GB of ram, and it is so powerful. the computer is old the battery life sucks now but apart from that it is still running like a champ. i don’t feel the need to upgrade for a new macbook pro, i think i can still use it for a good 2,3 years

    1. Well its not powerful its just fast at opening things lol. I have a late 2011 which I upgraded the same. Graphically it can’t hold up to even modern phones. But the CPU is still very capable.

    2. SweBass could you please give me more details where I can get the same part I have Aldo 2011 model MacBook Pro, thank you

    3. If you swapped out the SSD then you already have the ability to swap the battery so just swap in a new battery and you will have a laptop that is good for many more years.

  3. Excellent video. I have the exact macbook pro as above and I would personally stray away from the samsung 850 evo ssd (non-pro), had a nightmare issue with startup and freezing app running. Samsung does not state full compatibility on mac as well.

    Eventually got myself the Crucial BX200 ssd, stable performance thereafter!

  4. ” how to make your macbook pro 2016 faster ”

    There is no Macbook Pro 2016. And the last Macbook Pro you can upgrade is the Non Retina 2012.

    1. You can still upgrade sdd on the MacBook Pro retina, the ram is the only one soldered in. The newest MacBook Pro(2017) is not upgradable at all.

    2. lol, I guess that’s why there is time machine to backup your data. I just finished my 2009 Mac Pro upgrade (Video in my channel), was going to build another windows pc but decided to go all out on the Mac. I have to say this machine made me switch completely to OS X with the exception of dual boot to windows for gaming.

  5. Never heard about updating MacBook with mSATA or m.2 disks. MacBook Air and Retina disk has similar connector but still, it’s not the same.

  6. Very interesting,why you put a vga card on the desk . And please do not use your finger, shows Very unprofessional.

  7. Did you made a clone of your old hard drive for the SSD? If yes, how did you did it?
    Is there any video on how to do it?
    thank you

  8. THERMAL PASTE! It’s called Thermal Paste!
    Also, how you apply that thermal paste doesn’t matter unless you add too much or too little because you’re going to be sandwiching it with the heat sink

  9. TechMagnet : You cannot break it
    me: really? lemme try *Smashin at the ground..*
    XD its just a meme.

    1. You can’t put a full sized desktop graphics card into any laptop but you can use an external thunderbolt enclosure and install any full sized graphics card into that enclosure to get maximum performance. Apple now even has Nvidia drivers for the 1080ti so there is no limit to how much graphics power you can add to a MacBook Pro.

  10. Not everyone of us like playing games, and you can’t compare a Mac’s stability to windows..
    so hating on each other.

  11. My 2009 MacBook Pros display just went and I’m just wondering, what’s the best MacBook Pro 2009-2013 on a budget for 2018???

  12. Can you make a video on a macbook 2017 touchbar and is it upgradable, its soldered everything now and i wanna see how (not gonna do it myself)


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