How To Hack Any Nintendo Wii 3.0 – 4.3 – Homebrew Channel – Letterbomb Exploit – Softwii [HD]

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Hi, and welcome to my new video. today i want to Show you how to hack every Nintendo WII (Does not work for WII U)

I´m not responsible if you brick your WII – Be sure to follow the tutorial exactly !!

You will Need:

A SD Card ( at least 512mb – I recommend using 1GB )

The Hacking Package (Softwii)

Online Installer

Offline installer (I´m using this one):

Or if you dont want softwii , you can also use : ( Full english installer )


I hope this helps you all, i´ve put much work and effort in this guide.

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Thanks !

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Comment (22)

  1. i used wilbrand instead of letterbomb. is that why i have different icons? meaning i have ios236 installer v5 mod instead of softmod installer.

  2. The links you provided for online or offline instllers broke. Now where to get those? otherwise an excellent tutorial.

    1. Você nada Wii u ninguém letterbomb não ter 🙁 the homebrew channel vc surdo triste (MAC) (5.5.2.u) só

  3. HELP my wii doesn’t have a system menu version ( no number or letter in the system settings)…. and my wii won’t connect to my wifi or ethernet…. how can I update it?

  4. it work thanks and i have a question can i used a sd card with 4gb? and how i tranferd all the folder to the new one sd card just copy and paste ?

  5. Hello I have 4.1 can I update to 4.3 ? I already have it loaded with everything you can load up on this wii but when I go to update I get a warning about removing MODs ETC. Please advice thanks in advance God Bless

  6. How to change language of the CFG menus (backup player): open the SD card in the pc, go to “app” folder then to “usbloader” rename sample_config.txt to config.txt edit the file. Add this 3 lines separated by one line: translation = EN


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