How To Fix a Laptop That Won’t Turn On – Blackscreen Fix [4K]

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Your Laptop / Notebook / PC overheats, does not turn on. Stays black at boot or is not booting at all ? In this video i´ll show you how to fix your PC !
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Comment (31)

    1. Eleanor Carkery same for me but i installed new drivers before the error so it’s the drivers for graphic card

    2. Eleanor Carkery my acer v5 laptop screen just keeps flickering feebly. I miss gta v online so much 🙁

    3. Mine is saying blue screen the turning on automatic repair the black screen

      I tap the screen now if I wait nothing happens

  1. I overclocked my HP Pavallion laptop from 60hz to 90hz and it will put the loading screen but it goes straight to a blackscreen. Please help!

  2. such a nice tutorial. it made me happy to see people with useful information are ready to share with the needy. god bless you buddy..

  3. pls reply fast im going to have a computer based test next monday
    its still can’t work,its a lenovo b40
    i’ve tried hard reset
    and removing cmos batter
    still cant turn on,help

  4. merci beaucoup pour votre vidéo celle ci ma permis de refaire marcher un ordinateur portable ACER ASPIRE j’ai bien suivi vos explication et j’ai enlevé les mémoirse RAM et ensuite remonter une seule et O miracle il redémarre !! MERCI encore ..
    Thank you very much for your video this my license to remake walk a laptop ACER ASPIRE I followed your explanation and I removed the memory RAM and then go up a single and O miracle it restarts !! Thanks again

  5. Was playing with my friend CsGo, night time so i closed the laptop like normal then go to sleep, next day i open and i can’t open it.. the screen was already broken so i always use a monitor to play. But this not openning is confusing me about what went wrong.. it can open.. and the fan is ok but it won’t open.. just black and unresponsive


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