How To Downgrade 6.15.00 Baseband iPhone 3Gs/3G to 5.13.04 & Unlock your Iphone [HD]

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Hi in this video i´ll show you how to Downgrade your IPAD baseband for iphone 3g / 3GS

Just follow the Screen instructions.

Installing 3.1.3 and whited00r after downgrade is OPTIONAL ! But i would recommend this !!!!!!!!

Free Software we will be using on a Windows computer:

– sn0wbreeze 2.9.6 – custom firmware creator

– redsn0w 0.9.6rc16 – for upgrading locked baseband 05.15.04 to the unlockable iPad baseband 06.15.00

– redsn0w 0.9.14b2 – for downgrading iPad Baseband 6.15.00 without GPS to iPhone
baseband 5.13.04 unlocked and perfectly working GPS

– the official iPhone iOS 4.2.1 Firmware

– iREB r6 & f0recast

Link to an awesome written tutorial:

Thanks for watching 🙂

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Comment (4)

  1. I have a week 41 3GS, I’ve read that if I try to downgrade my 6.15.00 bb, my phone will be bricked. Is this true?. I have signal and GPS, but the problem is that Im stuck on version 4.1. So I can’t use facebook, whatsapp, etc. What could I do?

    1. Sick of the spam comments ?, when i needed to get my phone unlocked i went to iphonegeeks(.us). Check thsi site out for sure

  2. Please reboot the device into normal opration mode, then perform e clean “slide to power off”, then try again. I got this error while downgrading can you help me


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