Honor V20 After 4 Days – Battery Life SOT, Vs Galaxy A8S & FAQs

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Honor V20 update, battery life test results, deal breaker IPS screen? No Galaxy A8S Vs Honor V20 comparison, FAQ, and my final thoughts on this mid-range phone from Honor/Huawei. Where to buy:

Honor View 20 full review:
Galaxy A8S full review:

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Comment (32)

    1. Yes as seen in my reviews of them, but the Samsung has less bleed, brighter and way better gamma (less washed out look)

    1. And this one is one of the best to date, like the mate 20 X and mate 20 Pro. Kirin 980 and the software eis good at using such a tiny amount it barely registers after hours.

  1. Rocking a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, it has great battery life, decent performance and all the basic features e.g. a headphone jack. Not gonna get a new device until something “revolutionary” comes out. Great video as always!

    1. I have redmi note 4, it’s 14 months old still gives me 10 hr of SOT and that’s without using battery saver. Xiaomi is awesome with battery life.

  2. I clearly prefer a small notch like on the Oneplus 6T over that glory hole
    The asymmetrical design triggers me a lot

  3. Your reviews are most detailed, other tech youtubers just use a phone for few hours than give there overview and call it “review”.

  4. معك حق، يجب على هواوي إنشاء واجهة جديدة كليًا، من الغباء تقليد آبل + واجهة هواوي ثقيلة ومملة
    شكرًا جزيلاً 🙂

  5. Well main thing I see over nova3 is that you actually can see notifications, because it does not have notch to hide the icons, what I also is that super tiny notification led so you miss your notifications 🙂

  6. Really great phone indeed. My favorite solution to the notch problem is dual screen phones, they ad functionality and aesthetics instead of taking them away. Great video as always.
    Will you be checking out Redmi 7/ Redmi Pro 2/ Note 7 whatever they decide to unveil tomorrow ? 😛

    1. Yes, i’ll be ordering it when it’s out. SD660 and new sensor with teardrop notch it looks really interesting if it’s priced right.

  7. sir i have a question? is it possible that the global variant of honor v20 will come with a improved ips display quality, thank you sir love your honest videos because you mention each and every thing honestly, and offcourse you became my favourite youtuber.

  8. What a bullshit.

    1. You will not get reliability issues, especially not with the mechanically sliding ones. (the old slider phones still exist and they still work)
    2. There are even better solutions out there. You are running a tech cahnnel and dont know about that? Vivo has now a dual display phone. Its really nice and works great. Front side, full display, backside cameras and a display. So you can use your better camera (they are on the rear normally) as the selfie camery because you can see yourself while taking a picture


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