Honor Magicbook 2019 Unboxing & Hands-On (Ryzen 5 3500U)

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Magicbook 2019 aka Huawei Matebook D AMD Ryzen 5 3500U unboxing & hands-on review, Vega 8, DDR4 8GB 2666Mhz RAM and fast Samsung PM981 SSD. I bought it from here:
It's also going to be the Matebook D 14 KPR-WX9 under Huawei branding.

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Comment (37)

  1. So what do you think of it? For the price starting around 557 euros for the 256GB model http://bit.ly/2VYtgML I think it offers a lot. But you’ll have to do a clean Windows 10 install after dumping the drivers or upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and add your language. Great to see the wireless card can be upgraded. But no RAM upgrades are possible. The full review will cover some gaming and more benchmarks as well as thermals, webcam, battery life, charge times and fan noise. Everything will be tested. I just need a good week or more.

    1. Another great unboxing Chris! Sucks the memory can’t be upgraded cause this could be a nice little lite gaming laptop but with only 1 gig dedicated to the Vega 8 graphics it’ll be interesting to see the performance along with the battery usage. Looking forward to the full review.👍❤✌

  2. Just to be clear, is this the 3500 or the 2500U? Ryzen 3 hasn’t hit the market yet on desktops… And in their actual description it states that it is the 2500U, just a typo?

    1. Ryzen mobile has been intro since April..im using a 3550h laptop paired with rx560x(my profile pic),the best thing for $600 i bought this asus for is the Freesync panel

  3. for the price it would be a absolute winner if it has more than 80% of the performance of a 8250u+mx150 notebook

  4. I’ve just purchased the Huawei version of this. The Huawei MateBook D 14. I managed to find one on eBay which had been upgraded to 1TB SSD and has the Ryzen 5 2500U. All for £450 ($580). Just waiting to receive it now.

    Ironically I was searching for reviews of it before I pulled the trigger, I even specifically searched on this channel.

  5. Regarding the performance, i think it would be better if you tested it with other benchmark or software, because geekbench is well known to be not so friendly towards AMD Ryzen.

    1. +TechTablets.com The GPU is also on par with MX130, not MX150.

      It’s to be expected for the price though. 590$ is much cheaper than the i5+mx150 combo’s.

      The battery life should be good though, Huawei did a very good job last year on that front.

      I wish Xiaomi did a Notebook Pro with this instead because the build quality on that PC is better

    2. +Lucurous I noticed the AMD driver on my 2018 Matebook D is a lot less stable than the drivers Huawei was putting out. I’ve seen a lot of comments from others saying the same thing. I am still using the AMD one though, because it gets updated a lot. But the screen shutting off randomly for 2 seconds is annoying.

  6. all notebook manufacturer should take note of this, you can fit a huge 58Wh battery and still have room for 4 speaker unit.

  7. Nice to see a change, a decent integrated gpu. This combo is better than alot of other chinese laptops.. I wish soon enouph the Radeon gpu can get to mx 150 level.
    I have a question: why do we care for single core performance as the important thing is the overall performance?
    Good job!

  8. i have a question, if the laptop has windows 10 home license, why not just fully reinstall windows 10 with the same license. usually laptop OEM integrates the license into the motherboard.

  9. Make sure in the review you look if that HDMI is 2.0 or 1.4 because of the UHD screens and it only has one USB-c port. Way too many laptop makers skimp on that port config.

  10. Geekbench is only optimized for Intel’s x86 architectures. If you want to do CPU performance measurements, a more neutral one is c-ray, handbrake, excel monte carlo, cinebench, firestrike etc. Geekbench will always results in inflated scores for Intel CPUs.

  11. Great video, always interesting of techy stuff you come up with.
    No SD card slot, not good at all.
    But over all could be a very awesome Laptop with work.
    Thank my friend.😉

  12. 4:00 that “MAgicBook” is clever in a way to see it as similar to “MacBook” in Apple, nice one Honor 😀

  13. I actually think it’s a *scandal* that all pc makers have settled on non upgradeable RAM, an obvious ploy for getting people to spend on the higher models. Consumers shouldn’t accept this. It’s a basic aspect of computing. If the manufacturers need a couple more millimeters to make RAM upgradeable they should give us that option. Why is nobody talking about this in a serious way?

  14. Nice video. In the future, though, I would recommend using something like Cinebench instead of Geekbench for measuring CPU performance. Geekbench is a pretty inaccurate and unreliable tool on Windows.

  15. If you live in the States, check brickseek for your local Wal-Marts inventory on the 2018 model. Mine had them on clearance for $139. A friend of mine in another state had the same luck.


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