Honor Band 5 – Better than the Mi Band 4?

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The review of the Honor Band 5 fitness tracker & Mi Band 4 comparison.
Check out the Honor Band 5 at Aliexpress: or Gearbest: or Amazon:

Check out the Mi Band 4 at Aliexpress: or Banggood: or Amazon:

Throughout this video I will show you everything there is to know about the super affordable Honor Band 5 and I will also compare it to the Xiami Mi Band 4.

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Comment (47)

  1. When I put my fitness band on my RoboVacuum to do my exercises for me, the steps don’t register right. Any suggestions? Cheers

    1. you need to throw some cables on the floor. The vacuum will rock over them and the band will count them as steps! :d

    1. @Redskull I am happy with the Mi 4! There will always be something out there that comes along that does something better. Thanks for the videos!

  2. Great round up thanks. My honor 5 doesn’t have oxygen monitoring, I couldn’t see there are different versions out there but it seems there are.

    1. Check for a software update. Initially mine didn’t have it either… but I got an update 2 days ago and it showed up. I got the update thru the Hussein Health app

    2. @Redskull cool thanks, I did all the updates I could but hopefully there’s another on its way.

    1. I use the P30 Pro as my main device and the iPhone XR as my secondary phone. I personally like the Honor Band 5 because it has a nicer and brighter screen.

    2. @Redskull but Huawei won’t have android os support in near future right?
      Won’t you change it sooner or later?

  3. I really like the look of the Honorband over the miBand. That’s what I would get. Looks better than my Fitbit which cost way more …. I’m tired of paying way too much for everything.

  4. Nice video!
    Finally a good comparison, I saw many videos of the Honor band 5 but no one talked about the notifications!
    Honor Band 5 seems better to open and close notifications than Honor Band 4 and Mi Band 4.

    1. Thanks for watching! Personally I always turn off the notifications on all smart watches and fitness trackers once I’m done testing them out

    1. Supposedly there is a version with NFC but not mine… even if it would… I don’t think Google Pay would allow it to be used for payments…


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