Honor 20 & 20 Pro Unboxing – QUAD Camera BEAST.

Unboxing the quad-camera Honor 20 Pro and Honor 20 – the company's flagship smartphones for 2019, and the triple-camera Honor 20 Lite too!

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Comment (76)

    1. Yes, Huawei can launch Android devices for 3months now. But once you buy Huawei or Honor phones you will get updates for as long as they(honor..) want to give. Google ban will affect launch of new phones after 3 months.

    2. +LSB triX The problem will be apps with a new OS from scratch. There won’t be any and developers will be loathe to recreate their apps for another OS when they already do it for iOS and Android.

    3. +Rob Clark thats true and that could not work out for Huawei, so they need to do more than they are doing now.

    1. +SherCrox he didn’t say anything about that. A lot knows. Correct the dude that commented. Its GoOgLe not ANDROID

    2. +Paul Grey 1. GOOGLE HAD TO COMPLY not a fan btw. 2. Existing phones and Huawei devices that u are using currently might receive this years updates. The security updates delayed…. also

      *You Could land A Plans on it Google*

    1. +SherCrox REASON FOR BAN they might have a backdoor that leaks user information to Chinese government, which also Act 7 i think in China say so???? They sorta deserved it but not much also Google had to do it but existing phones that still have Google will still get the update later this year but maybe not next year. Also if u own one Security updates will be delayed. Also don’t be a jerk we aren’t in a Cuss battle

    2. +DEMV sorry to disturb i agree and disagree. AMERICA IS STRONG though china is also good agreed that yeah U.S may be in need of a new leader?????

    3. +Fractured Opinion they didnt start a few of those trends but. Yes the P30 has a very innovative rear camera no doubt. 48MP trend? Nope.

    1. I will still buy mate 30 pro
      Until they prevent them from shipping to Europe I will continue to buy Huawei product

    2. Thought once…

      Thought twice…

      I’M STILL BUYING THIS PHONE! 😃 #CouldntCareLessAboutTrump #CouldntCareLessAboutGoogleApps

    1. He is literally the only Tech Youtuber with a nice-to-listen-to voice. All others either have a hindi-accent or weird high-pitched voices

    1. +ivan faiz Maybe because it isn’t marked as ‘this video includes sponsored content’, yet he says it in the video. Your logic sucks.

    1. Samsung s10 has 2.4 and 1.5 aperture, best ultra wide camera, massive battery(with excellent AI), best display, best ui and icons, features,also the ram pre-loads appd so they open really fast…

      Huawei and honor have left the chat

    2. +Karthik Stark25 just get nova launcher and pixel icon pack and you have a beautiful ui that you can also customise to youre needs

    1. +KeonXD Bullshit.. .this extention is only for existing devices. honor 20 is new and will be affected by the ban.

    2. +NathanThey have not lifted the ban, they have extended 90 days when it becomes active, and it doesn’t affect only the US, it affects Huawei and Honor users everywhere (except in China)

    3. +SherCrox the software was pre installed onto the device before the ban so honor 20s will have the latest version of android

  1. I love your videos bro.😍😍
    You should do in-depth camera reviews of flagship phones like you did for the nokia pureview 😍

  2. Mrwhosetheboss seems to have all the phone before they even launch. He’s just secretly waiting for the damn company to announce it already lmao 😂

    1. Every big tech youtuber gets the device early as companies give them the review product beforehand. This way each youtuber would release a video as soon as the device is launched which in a way will create hype for the device as youtube will be filled with those for a few days. This works as a very effective way of advertisement as majority of these devices are now purchased after watching a review of it.
      You probably knew all this already but mereko gyaan dikhana tha !


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