Hidden Camera – Buying a ROLEX on Istanbuls FAKE MARKET !

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Fake iphones , Fake Rolex and other replicas are a common thing on istanbuls grand bazaar. But are those fake products worth it ?
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15-30% of internet searches on watches involve people looking for replicas. According to the Swiss watch industry, the replica watch market costs them billions of dollars each year, and efforts are made to confiscate fake watches and destroy them in spectacular 'demonstrative' ways. But are they worth anything ?
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Comment (29)

    1. Yes please
      Come to India too
      I live in hyderabad we also have a big fake electric market I can show you around

  1. I bought a fake submariner in Bali. Cost me $100aud. Had it 3 years now. Works perfect and i love it. Very very hard to tell the difference. Has all the normal features including serial no. on the inside, the Rolex symbol etched in the glass etc , everything. Many people comment on it. I have the blue / gold colour. I love it !!!

    1. Yea with a magnifier its easy to tell. But to Normal people its pretty hard, especially to the naked eye.

    2. It depends on the type of watch
      It’s hard to tell the difference between a fake and a real submariner because of its simple design but thing like AP can be spited fairly easy

  2. Nice video by the way but why do you hide the camera? They were all friendly and they do not claim that they sell original product.

  3. Great video! There were some misunderstandings in some segments such as 5:56 where you thought the price was 450 Liras instead of Euros. ₺ and € can look very similar.

  4. The notion that the ‘replica
    watch market’ costs the Swiss watch makers
    billions of dollars each year is based on a false premise.
    One cannot claim to lose something which one never had in the first place.

    Any claimed loss is a speculative loss and as fake as the fake watch itself.
    Such claims of loss are about as stupid as saying ‘I could have been a
    multi-Millionaire if only I bought a winning ticket”

    Those that buy fake products do so because they are not financially able
    to buy the genuine product, thus there id no financial loss to the manufacturer.
    it is a PERCEPTION and NOT REAL.

    So what id someone has your design, (a) it is no loss and (b) it is more of a compliment.
    One cannot claim to have lost something they never had … {Period}

    The Watch Manufacturers and various Government agencies are the REAL LIARS.
    In a true free market economy everything is for sale, and people will ONLY pay
    what they consider is the value to them and what is affordable to them.

  5. Actually buying an original Rolex is cheaper than buying a replica. The replica for 400€ is worth nothing if you want to resell it. An original Rolex, even if you wear it every day will raise in price at a rate of about 5-10% per year.


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