Hidden Apps Found for your D5/D6/X1/X3/X5 Watches!

Well, it happened today. Just when you start getting cocky and think you know what there is to know, somebody slides something under your nose and you just have to take a whiff. From the G+Community dedicated to these amazing watches, a new visitor, Fabio Pal, posted this:

" hi,
i have seen in appstore that if you try to search in menu letter "a" it finds 2 new app…healt and radio 🙂 "

Can you smell it? Does it call you? Are you as hooked on this stuff as much as I am? Well, you're watching this video aren't you. HeHe.

OK, I won't spoil it here, as it's really a fun surprise to see the Easter egg pop up right before your eyes. Oh, and feel free to share little things you find along the path of discovery playing with your new watch. You never know when you'll change the world, right Fabio?


If you want to play in the big pond, check this out:

If you want to dive into the ocean, find your watch and go here:






K8 mini




W806 ROM

W812a ROM

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  1. Full of surprises. I would imagine it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this App Store .

    If there was anything being released that is specific to the China type phone watches it would be here first.

    Great presentation, love the speaker watch . 🇳🇿

    1. I thought our audience would get a kick out of the speaker watch. Way more effective at demoing a BT audio connection than an earbud.

  2. I really enjoy your videos. I am interested in getting one of the FINOW smartwatches. Might be an alternative to Android Wear.

  3. And to think it was I who first noticed the addition of YouTube, Skype and Chrome to the App store… 😮 Yes, indeed- it’s worth keeping an eye out for what they put out for our watches! And I should write something on the G+ community about internet radio apps on our watches- I’ve tried several, and some stand out as watch-friendly. 🙂


    1. Thanks Dennis. Yea, I like how things are slipped in without anyone knowing about it. The hidden ones especially. Perhaps they are there for the manufacturers to decide if they want to install them on certain models and not others, but still have them available. Whatever the reasoning, you can bet we will keep a keen eye on the App Store from now on!

  4. You’ve probably heard it heaps of times but, you’ve got great quality videos, excellent content and a smooth presentation style. Thank you.

  5. which watch is best for battery life the FINOW X5 or no1 d6.or can can you tell me a one thats the better with a sim card, Thanks

    1. All of these are giving a good day’s battery life with light to moderate use. You can get 2 or more days just checking the time, and a few hours only by streaming full length movies. It’s all a tradeoff. Keeping your screen brightness down saves the most power, followed by turning off you radios (cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi). Keeping the watch in Power Savings mode helps. On the new square watches (FINOW Q1 and No.1 D6) you can remove and replace the battery. Check this out for more information: http://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/help/battery-life-help-troubleshoot-battery-t2785128

  6. Thanks for the reply…if i used it as a full time phone with making 20 mins of calling a day with 3g and wifi off just using it to make calls will it last the whole day still ?

    1. I doubt it would last. Perhaps if you kept the screen real dim and only turned it on when you needed it, you might make it through a day. If your calls — all of them — are only 20 minutes cumulative, that might be OK. If they are 20 minutes each for several calls, I’d say stick with a phone. The batteries just aren’t strong enough to compete with the larger phones.

  7. hello, i have a d5 smartwatch and i don’t knoe how sync my smartwatch with the cam of my smartphone… in all page appear that feature…

    1. I would if it were possible, but even the firmware gurus on XDA couldn’t figure out how to do it. If you download Apus browser (original, not turbo) it gives a nice temperature display when you open it, and you can add browser buttons. I’ve given up on the weather app and started using Apus

    1. No it’s not true. You can connect just fine via Bluetooth or WiFi. Tethering is limited as always, but connecting is just fine.

    1. Well (((WOW))) I don’t know, but if there’s and app that plays on a phone, it should play on an Android watch (as long as you can navigate on the tiny screen). I know Spotify, Jango, iHeart and other streamers (((work))).

  8. My No.1 D5 hasn’t got a timer function.Try the following: First of all make sure you got an internet connection, go to the apps and click on ‘Voice Search’ and say “set timer 10 minutes” then you hear a voice saying “ok 10 minutes, starting”. After the selected time is up, you’ll hear beeping and the screen will display an ascending count of seconds. To silence it, tap the screen.


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