घर आर सी खिलौने Bolon K950 Sport Drone Flight Test Review

Bolon K950 Sport Drone Flight Test Review

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This little quadcopter is a good discover how to soar drone. However don't forget to take that for a "twist" in experienced setting when you get better at it. Locate that listed below

Great as a learn to fly quadcopter or as a more advanced sport drone.
Sporty appearing little drone with crazy yaw in experienced cost.
Brainless setting and one crucial profits.
Zero altitude hold (as anticipated for a sporting activity drone).
Sensible 6 min trip opportunity along with its typical 3.7 V 400mah electric battery with white colored Losi adapter

Instructions are mislabeled for site from price button. Rate button is located as the top left side shoulder button.
Just 2 prices readily available (newbie and also expert) bad habit 3 according to list.

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    1. Ryan Schumaker Quadcopter 101 does professional video reviews here on YouTube and he is sponsored by various Sellers from China. They send him free Quadcopter’s to review. He must also give an honest review, for example if something doesn’t work correctly etc. And he said he donates most to charities for kids after he is done with the video review. Some that he likes he will keep for his own use/collection. Hope that helps. ?

    2. प्रायोजित (that’s what theCourtesy ofin the beginning of each video mean).. And as mentioned, I don’t keep them (don’t have the storage space), nor do I sell them or do giveaways (don’t have the time or want the hassle). After their reviews are completed, they are donated monthly en masse to local schools and charities (Toys for Tots and local schools Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) clubs).

  1. That is an awesome little drone!! I have a SYMA X5SW that I have been trying to learn on, and yesterday I couldn’t keep it up due to the wind. It was just to lite of a drone to fly in any wind. I did fly my Promark Warrior in the same wind and it did really well. Have you reviewed the SYMA X5SW and if so, does the Bolon seem to weigh more than the X5SW? Great videos my friend, enjoy watching your reviews.

  2. Something of a Syma X5C clone, in beginner mode. The TX is an exact clone of Syma’s TX for the X11, X12, X13 quads. The little foam thumb pads on the top of the sticks come off easily and are easily lost, so if you buy this, put a couple drops of CA glue on the plastic stick top then put the covers back on. Yaw rate is like the original 33041 before they tamed it. Did you ever try to see if the pitch/roll also increased in higher rate .. looked like it when you were doing funnels. The other thing I noticed when looking at this on GB’s website is that it uses a Li-ION battery in the quad NOT a LiPO, which means you either have to use the provided charger, or a hobby grade charger which charges Li-ION batteries. Since it uses an odd-ball battery, I wonder if the connector is oddball as well, instead of the usual micro-losi. Kind of unremarkable, but I agree that if kept in low rate and flown on a calm day, it would be a nice trainer. Thanks for the look. GB seems to be the only one carrying it so far. Cheers.

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