Helifar (Lishitoys) L6062 IP Spy Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This unusual FPV camera drone is disguised as a travel coffee mug allowing it to also be used as an IP spy camera (nanny cam). Find it here

– Folding drone for maximum portability and protection of the drone during travel. Stores in a tough metalic cylinder case similar to a travel coffee mug.
– Includes a 720p HD camera that can also be used as a spy camera. Video recorded to phone via 2.4Ghz WiFi is good with minimal (if any) frame dropping).
– 3.7V 800mah battery provides close to 6 minutes of flight time
– FPV video and control range of about 60 meters.
– In flight video can be viewed and recorded to your smartphone using the "Lishitoys" app available on Google Play here and iTunes here . App can also be used to setup and monitor drone's video as an IP spy camera.

– Although the drone includes an SD card slot, its recording performance is not dependable. I could only get it to record to the card once through many tries, variations of activation (both through the app and through the controller), and also through several different SD cards. Fortunately the drone also records to your phone via WiFi.
– I got the spy camera to work through my home WiFi, but had difficulty doing such using the camera's IP address. I'm not saying that it is not capable of doing such, but the provided instructions do not cover how this might be accomplished.

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    1. Congratulations. You were the first to say 1st (and who had not previously won). You win a shoutout in a future QC101 video. Again, congratulations!

  1. Очень интересный корпус.
    Такой квадрокоптер в аэропорту или на таможне не кто не найдёт , подумают что это банка или термос 🙂
    Very interesting case.
    Such a quadcopter at the airport or at customs is not who can not find, they will think that this is a bank or a thermos 🙂

  2. In order to get the Sdcard to work, you might try a lower quality (class 4 or 6) formatted to FAT (NOT FAT32) … This thing is just clunky enough to where it can’t handle anything exotic as a HQ SDcard. Pretty limited Wi-fi FPV, but that’s expected. It’s a ‘novelty’, which probably explains why its a bit over priced (imho). I always LOL when you say its chilly or cold out by you .. I’ll trade temps with you right now, as its 23 deg. F. here right now .. bet that’s a LOT colder than where you’re at. Looking at long range forecast, and over the next 10 days we might get up to freezing once. We also had a 71 mph clipper system blow thru here last weekend which took down a lot of trees. Lake Erie is ice covered from the U.S. shore to the Canadian Shore. (but I’m too old to go walking out on it like I used to when I was much younger). Enjoy your ‘hoodie’ weather … it could be worse! Cheers!

  3. Talking about ‘one of your favorite flighingfields’, whatever has happened to Satellite Lake where you used to fly a lot?


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