GoPro 8 Black VS GoPro 7 Black – Which one should you get?

The ultimate comparison between the GoPro Hero 8 Black and the GoPro Hero 7 Black!
Find the GoPro 7 Black and GoPro 8 Black on Amazon: –

In this video you can find out everything between the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the GoPro Hero 8 Black! I've included microphone samples, 4k60fps samples, 1080p 240fps samples, stabilization samples and much more!

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  1. 8 is good but ive got a cheap and very small 1-axis gimbal which works great on the 7. (7 does struggle with the rotation axis). So im skipping this upgrade, really dont think its worth getting a new Gopro until they increase the sensor size.

    1. @Redskull yeah it does look excellent, but ill bet my Gopro Hero 7 and Wewow Sport X1 gimbal is just as smooth, as the sensor is rectangular, fixing the rotation externally gives the 7 stabilization more pixels to play with. If i didn´t have a Gopro 7 i would buy the 8 however, but from an upgrade point of view its not worth it for me.

  2. My wife asks why I would watch a review of a product I have no need for. I say that I just REALLY like the way you present the information.


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