Goophone i8 Plus – Fake iPhone 8 Plus Vs Real – “This One Is Close!”

Simply subscribe for additional video clips similar to this one! This video recording is actually SIMPLY intended for entertainment as well as informative purposes. This clone is actually the absolute most reasonable replica available. That showcases a finger print scanner, 8mp video camera, 720P display, 2GB from Ram, 16GB of inner moment, and also a 2600 mAh electric battery. Feel free to check out the video clip for additional information.

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    1. Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury It’s because the “True Tone” display colour setting is on the real, iPhone screen looks way better than this fake!.

  1. Ibaby has these? It’s about time I got another new clone I just love messing around with these. I’m still fiddling around with the 6S plus clone, it’s actually become very useful for me.

    Jay you should hire me to do some butt work for you so you I could trade you that for some of these devices. If you ever sell any of them let me know

  2. I would really like to see how performance of the apps on fake one compares to real one.

    That’s an amazing price for such a good looking fake. I’m really curious of how fast it is, hoe well and fast the GPS works. I just got the real 256GB iPhone 8 plus today. Except for the camera improvements it is not much different than my iPhone 6S Plus, which now goes to my wife to replace her ancient Pantech P7000. I’ve been trying to get her to agree to getting a smartphone for many years now. She probably would do well with this fake one since all she needs is phone, browser, camera, email, calendar, notepad, and maybe GPS on occasion.

  3. Jay, is there a way to get a different android distro on here? Something like Lineage OS or Cyanogenmod would be awesome on an iPhone!

  4. The lack of a headphone jack in the new iPhones is must be a boon to those clone manufacturers! Probably makes it quite a bit easier to fit everything in and make the production cost noticeably lower. Not sure why they couldn’t get the color of the back right. It’s just a dead giveaway if someone has any sort of experience with an iPhone 8. The way the control center sliders work is weird. Very close! Unfortunately, considering the way android works, they probably will never get the OS just right. Very interesting to see how close they can get. Fantastic video! Liked and shared!


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