Google Pixel 4XL Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – App Speed, Face Unlock, Speaker, Benchmarks & Cameras!

Please subscribe for more! This video shows side by side testing of the app speeds, face unlock, speaker, benchmarks, and camera comparison of the Google Pixel 4XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Below are the time stamps for each subject.

Google Pixel XL4:

00:10 – Introduction
01:20 – Physical Comparison
04:31 – Boot Up Speed
05:16 – Face Unlock Comparison
06:01 – App Speed Comparison
08:52 – Speaker Loudness Comparison
11:10 – Benchmarks
12:59 – Battery Comparison
13:42 – Cameras
15:37 – Conclusion

#pixel4 #pixel4xl #madebygoogle #teampixel

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