Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 | Side-by-side comparison

Comparing the Google Pixel 4 side-by-side with Apple's iPhone 11, to see which boasts the better camera tech, speediest performance, best battery life and most impressive specs.

The Pixel 4 just emerged in the UK for an asking price starting from £669, while the iPhone 11 is just under £100 more expensive. Despite this, Google's handset sports the better display tech, thanks to the crisp and vibrant 90Hz OLED panel.

As far as speed goes, both smartphones can play the latest games with a silky smooth frame rate. Neither impresses much for battery life though, just about making it through a full day with conservative use – although the iPhone 11 is definitely the superior phone, as media streaming will drain the Pixel 4 pretty fast.

The Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 both deliver a dual lens rear camera which can capture crisp photos in even quite tricky lighting conditions, with decent night mode smarts to boot. Google's handset can even shoot a starry night sky, as long as you don't live in London.

Meanwhile your choice is likely to come down to which software you prefer: iOS 13 vs Android 10. Both boast a dark mode, face recognition, eSIM support and similar features, although the iPhone 11 also supports WiFi 6. However, Android is a lot more customisable.

Which do you prefer? Let me know below and stay tuned for a full iPhone 11 review – my Pixel verdict is already live.

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