Google Pixel 4 Review | Two issues…

Review of Google's Pixel 4 phone after a week of using it as my personal smartphone, including camera test, battery life performance, exclusive Android features and more.

From dodgy face recognition to the fast-draining battery, it's impossible to recommend the Pixel 4 in its current state. Especially as that asking price is way more than rivals such as the OnePlus 7T, which boast similar specs. That said, Google's camera tech is once again stunning, with boosted HDR+ smarts for capturing great-looking photos in all kinds of conditions.

Speed isn't an issue thanks to the Snapdragon 855 chipset, so games like PubG Mobile play at the Extreme frame rate settings without issue. Unfortunately, the Pixel 4 is absolutely atrocious when it comes to battery life. A full charge will often be drained before bedtime, and if you test it with media streaming and gaming, Google's 2019 flagship will die well before that.

Stay tuned for my full review of the XL model but for now I have to say, hold back on buying the Pixel 4. Maybe check out the 3a instead, which is a lot cheaper and still packs some smart camera tech.

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  1. could you go into a bit more detail about the face unlock not working after 5-6 days? did you manage to get it to work properly and have you had issues since?

  2. When you look at the back of the pixel 4 you need to say: that is the most beautiful and clean design of a phone.But when you turn it around, you see a ugly, hilarious, outdated top bezel.
    I don’t know how some reviewers can be so delighted with this phone: no proper fast charging completed by the bad battery life on the market right now, the most ugly front design of the last 2 years, no wide angle camera, no headphone jack, no adapter included, and the list can go on.
    All of these for 800$.🤐

  3. Now wouldn’t buy this phone one I take a hell of a lot of pictures with with my phone I have just bought the Motorola power and I’m absolutely impressed by by this Motorola power is brilliant 👍👍👍😀😀😀Mark

  4. I just read an article that the face scanner are not supported by apps so I have to enter the pin/passwords. Come on Google, n


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