Google Fuchsia OS could change the world…but…

You've probably heard of Google Fuchsia OS, and the Fuchsia OS vs Android debate, but what if Fuchsia is not what we thought it was…?
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Comment (75)

    1. Sanga Ralte
      I wish Google didn’t buy YouTube. Anyways Why Google needs to collect data about me when I’m already paying for YouTube premium? I am not served ads anyway. Coming to bashing, we have the right to criticise where we think improvement can be done. And you are right. Privacy is servicing as a marketing anchor for Apple. But if it resonates with users like me, we will praise it. In the end, it is to each their own, you can give all your data to a private company. Some users like me just can’t. Just enjoy whatever fits your way of thinking and lifestyle best.

    2. @Aman Agarwal Yes like I said, for an average consumer these stuff aren’t really that bothersome. All we have to be careful about are scams and viruses (which ruined my old phone and I had to completely erase them) and I like that Apple doesn’t have or has minimal issues like viruses.

      Anyways we have reached the end in a agreement. You do you. Have a good day ✌

    3. should I switch to using a raspberry pi? I use Ecosia as my search engine :p and google is watching every step we tzke. I hope google sees this and realize that they to stop selling and listening to us speak to other ppl.

    1. @Professional Face Puncher who ever said that they or any corporation did? they only care about whats good for the share price at the time,its buisness and numbers google is no different no matter how they want to come across

    2. google doesn’t make a lot of money off android. since there are too many rules holding them down.
      that is why they are making a new one that does not have to follow any rule.
      if you have a brain, spread hat to this new OS. otherwise, you’ll lose a little more of your freedom.

    3. @adir mugrabi no google doesnt make a lot of money from android because its widely distributed and free,save from the liscence fee companys pay google for it and help in customising it for there devices,it was never intended as a money makeing entity anyway, android was purchased and has been run as a delivery system for key google products,they paid 50 million for it and due to its wide spread adoptance have made billions in revenue from there products being bundled into hundreds of millions of devices! there are no rules holding them down with it,the rules come from competiton commissions sueing them for bundleing things like chrome and google mail with the os! googles main revenue has always been advertising and now cloud storage everything else they do is just a delivery system for there core products and also if you think any os is completely free you are deluded they are all controlled at some level somewhere god created the world in 6days,on the 7th man invented the intilectual copyrighted patent just for a fucking laugh later in the 21st century!

  1. Google : You can Easily multitask in Fuchsia OS by running like 10 Apps in different tabs
    Aslo Google : Gives 4gigs of Ram in Pixel Phones

  2. Soo, they want to make people not afraid from this os by adding features that SMASHES Android normal features(even with rooted Android features maybe)

    1. What’s smashing about an ugly bar at the top of your screen in order to multi-task, when you can just tap to see all processes, split screen or even pop-up view on Samsung, where you can have a small floating calculator icon which expands…

    2. Well they are forced to make that OS, and you should know that making a new OS is not easy AT ALL, so expect to see more than ugly things maybe

  3. “Hiroshi Lockheimer”? If that’s not the name of an anime character then there is something deeply wrong with the universe.

  4. Google : You can Easily multitask in Fuchsia OS by running like 10 Apps in different tabs
    Intention : It’s intention is not to replace android but to coexist to make not so smart devices like coffee machine smarter, because let’s face it, we all have this guilty pleasure of wanting to multitask 10 apps on our coffee machine

  5. Well if fuchsia ig gonna be about smart homes and the internet of things then, to me it would make sense if, Google started to load phones with it

  6. If they only authorize the google play store apps, no 3rd party apps, no root apps, we have to protest against this new OS.


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