Galaxy A8S Review – A wHole Lot Of Nothing (English)

Samsung A8S unboxing & review. Is it something special or just another poor midrange Samsung phone with the infinity-o screen? Where to buy:

Video index: 00:42 – Unboxing
01:16 – Design & build
02:34 – Screen
05:11 – Android OS
05:43 – UI Performance
07:00 – Benchmarks
08:17 – Battery
08:50 – Face & finger unlock
09:30 – Audio & speaker sample
10:28 – Gaming performance
11:36 – Camera App
12:39 – Camera samples
14:14 – Video (Day & Night)
16:03 – Final thoughts
17:03 – Pros & Cons (Listed)

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Comment (40)

  1. Re: hole punch, yes I prefer it over teardrop/notch/slider/pop-up alternatives. It’s the least distracting. I am a bit surprised by this, because when hole-punch phone cameras were first announced, my initial reaction was that it’s just as silly as the notch…

    Very good review, as always.

  2. Nothing surprise me in camera because that is what most of samsung midrange phones cam is really look like. Noisy, too soft, Over exposed etc.

  3. It’s very clear that Samsung’s midrange (more focused towards Asia) department is completely different from their flagship one. Their midrangers almost look like chinese knockoffs of their own brand!

    1. That’s a good way to out it, it really is like knock-offs of their own flagships. And yes clearly different department that handles the midrange phones. I couldn’t believe how laggy it is, feels slower than even some SD625 phones I’ve reviewed!

    2. +TechTablets.com Those midrange phones (2019 A series and M series) are not manufactured by samsung actually but by a chinese company licenced by Samsung. Thats because Samsung market share in China is catastrophic, under 1% when back to 2011, they used to be number 1! And Also, Samsung’s global new strategy is not focused on selling phones anymore but rather confusing on semiconductors which now represent their first source of income with a lot of potentiel grow when the smartphone market is reaching a pic.

  4. Wow this review confirms what I always thought, Samsung puts all their efforts in the S and Note series, everything else is pretty trash. I wanted to get this phone, I like the design (big and flat IPS display with minimal bezels), the specs are good, but the optimization is the worst I’ve seen. My second option is the Mate 20, I think that’s my next phone.
    Thanks for the honest review, very appreciated.

  5. Why nobody mention about that huge empty space on status bar ? No notch more chin and a hole on the top with huge empty space on top ? Why samsung think that is good idea ?

  6. I think Samsung in the med range phones dose not offer good value as all Honor & Xiaomi offers much more value for money Sam must do more to gain the trust of the mid range user

  7. Not really following a trend since they were the first to make and anounce the puch hole display.

    Preety sure that the only reason they released this was so that they could say that they are the first with the design

  8. i will never understand why people will pay 500 + dollars for such a small phone .. the Mi Max is 6.9″ something you can actually read on with out blowing out your eyeballs .. not to mention watch movies and play games .. an overall superior in every way to this piece of garbage … just my own personal opinion as i have the Mi Max and my nephew has a Samsung galaxy note 8 … while this does not make me an expert he has owned a lot of Samsung phones and always complains about them.. while i love my phone

  9. Jesus Christ that’s worse than the notch. I have the Note 9 and what’s wrong with a thin bezel at the top with all the sensors e.c.t in that like the Note 9 does? If you have to do a notch then do one like the One Plus 6T.


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