FXT 60FPS DVR For FPV Drone Recording Flight Test Review

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FXT DVR First Analogue 60fps DVR 720*576, WiFi Rea... US $55.07
US $61.19
FXT DVR First Analogue 60fps DVR 720*576, WiFi Rea... US $56.29
US $61.19
New FXT DVR First Analogue 60fps DVR 720*576 WiFi ... US $61.19 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now

Finally you can record drone FPV footage that more closely simulates what you are actually seeing through your FPV goggles. Find the DVR here or here on Amazon USA
or here on Amazon EU shops
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FR: , DE:

– Automatically detects and records PAL (720 x 576 pixels) or NTSC (720 x 480 pixels).
– Records video at 60 frames per second to give your video image quality a more live streaming look.
– Also can record audio (mono only).
– Very simple to operate. Just push the big button on its side to start or stop recording.
– Includes case with clip for easily attaching the DVR just about anywhere.
– Includes 2.4Ghz WiFi transmission and control capability. You can monitor the video stream live on up to 3 separate devices. Can also record and share video (30 fps only) or images directly to your phone. Uses the FXT DVR app available on Google Play here or iTunes app store here .
– Can use wide range of power input from 7V to 28V (2S to 6S LiPo battery).

– Although this records at 60 fps, the quality of the video is still limited by the relatively low resolution of analog video transmission. This is a technical limitation of analog video. Unfortunately transmitted video quality can't be improved much by simply using a "better" camera, as the transmitted video would still be reduced to NTSC/PAL resolution for analog transmission.
– Does not come with a power input plug or adapters to enable you to connect the DVR to a battery power source. I had to wire one up myself. Would strongly recommend that SZFXT consider doing such, and utilize common LiPo battery connector plugs (example: XT30).
– Mine came with an AV cable with 3.5mm to 3.5mm plugs. Would also recommend that SXFXT also consider including 3.5mm to 2.5mm plugs (or adapters) so that the DVR could be directly connected to their popular FXT Viper goggles monitor.

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    1. Congratulations. You were the first to say First (and who had not already previously won). You win a shoutout in a future QC101 video. Again, congratulations!

  1. just use your car as a support if you don’t have a chair 🙂
    looks good though man.. I need me one.. NOT cheap by the way :O

    1. Yeah, $60 CDN is way out of line as the difference is negligable and it’s still lo-res at the end of the day.

    2. +Argle Bargle yeahhh well.. the FPV signals themselves aren’t high-ress eighter (though we Do nowdays have higher then VGA res. FPV camera’s..)
      it would be good to know what the bitrate of this DVR is by the way.. (DVR’s have Far to low a bitrate usually)

  2. nicely done! still, IMO fxt shoulda just incorporated a 40band receiver into it. heck even raceband only recvr woulda been nice. This is one of the best reviews I have seen for this DVR recorder.

  3. Like your reviews. Biggest thing I noticed was brightness. Just getting into FPV so I don’t see what the big whoop (pun intended) here is. Maybe when I get better I’ll say Oh hell yeah.

  4. Hi just to say this cheaper on banggood by £15 but you have to wait longer for it to arrive. What annoys me is US UK are the same price. Price hiking in the UK. Where is the exchange rate. What beloney. Feed up with uk overcharge will give amazon a wide berth.👎😣

  5. Far to expensive for what it is also what’s the point?surely the video stream is for FPV flying , if you wish to record a beautiful panoramic vista you would use a drone equipped for the job, but nevertheless I like your honest reviews and you bringing us all the newly released products – good or bad, nice video as usual.


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