Accueil Comprimés ZTE Nubie Z17 Unboxing Hands-on examen avec des échantillons de la caméra (Anglais)

ZTE Nubie Z17 Unboxing Hands-on examen avec des échantillons de la caméra (Anglais)

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Bord sans lunette ZTE Nubie Z17 unboxing & évaluation pratique. 5.5" Muflier 835. Reçu ce EUDirect: code promo: ZTEZ1710OFF pour $10 hors.

Codes temporels:

01:40 – Unboxing
03:08 – Concept
04:47 – 1St boot
05:31 – Surveiller soigneusement
08:09 – Antutu cote
08:25 – Examen de haut-parleur
09:15 – Auditoire impression de doigt
10:00 – Cam testimonial
14:20 – Final thought with Pros & Downsides

ZTE Nubia Z17 Specs:

5.5" 1080p IPS
Verre Gorilla 4 (2.5 D verre).
Muflier 835.
Adreno 540.
6GB or even 8GB RAM.
64GB or even 128GB UFS.
Androïde 7.1.1.
Front 16MP electronic camera.
Rear 12MP + 23MP.
Finger print visitor.
Sans fil AC, BT 4.1.
Double SIM (nano).
3200mAh battery Quick Cost 4.0.
No MicroSD & N° 3.5 mm:-BR-.

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  1. Codes temporels:

    01:40 – Unboxing
    03:08 – Conception
    04:47 – Premier démarrage
    05:31 – Screen in detail
    08:09 – Antutu score
    08:25 – Essai d’orateur
    09:15 – Fingerprint reader
    10:00 – Examen à huis clos
    14:20 – Conclusion with Pros & Inconvénients

    1. Took a bit longer to arrive as it went via Europe, not the typical direct from China. At least it saved my about 60 euros in extra costs in the form of fees and taxes.

    1. I understand that you use an app like Gleam to make your giveaways more easy, but I’m alergic to giving apps permissions, I’m kinda a controll freak when it comes to that 🙂 I don’t have a problem with the first permissions, but the last 3 seem like a bit too much. But I like the contest and I had other opportunities to join the fun, so I’m not complaining about the contest, only pointing out the permissions gleam asks.

      Authorize Gleam Competition App to use your account?
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    2. No need to say sorry at all man, they provide a great service for vloggers who want to do a giveaway. And you still can enter 3 times by visiting the facebook pages and subscribing to your channel. Like I said I’m just a bit of a controllfreak when it comes to app permissions.

    1. Hard not to smile. The first throw to me I almost missed it due to a poor throw! And then I forgot what I was saying. Took a few takes.

    1. 24% here in Greece. When importing you also need to pay for customs clearance which, by the law, it can be anything they want. If you try to dispute it, they will keep your package for months or even years

      Luckily most of the imported stuff that comes through simple mail is never inspected so 90% of the time you don’t pay anything.


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