ZGPAX S83 Smartwatch: Unboxing et le 1er coup d’oeil

ZGPAX S83 Getting Web link: THIS SEE Is Actually NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Listed below's the last recognize hyperlink:
This watch has been provided through Gearbest for review. Thanks to our viewers for producing this YouTube web site popular and also to Gearbest for their assistance. If you have an interest in obtaining this S83 smartwatch, simply make use of the link listed above. That is going to help us obtain extra views to evaluate for you in the future. Merci beaucoup!

That has actually been actually a very long time due to the fact that our team have observed a new watch from ZGPAX. Initially they produced a main S8 which is actually still in development today. After that they performed an upgrade a tried to shift to a detachable battery, the S82. That was actually an excellent check out, however the electric battery would sometimes wiggle far from the get in touches with and that would turn off the watch immediately.

ZGPAX participated in a little in the rounded watch planet along with the S99, and right now they are actually back with a remake of their S8 as the S83. THIS is much lighter and utilizes the stock Android 5.1 Système d'exploitation, not the truly great custom Operating System from the initial S8. Having 8GB for memory, this check out possesses lots of area, and also along with a cam that may document video recording directly to that mind, you could capture anything you want.

Actuellement, the only disadvantage as I write this in February 2017, is that the check out is actually no longer on call. I cannot find any sort of outlets that market it after Gearbest notified me the product was taken from their shelves. So you could must carry out some seeking if you desire one. Probably they will certainly turn up 2nd practical ebay.com. Maybe they will magically show up back in inventory just about everywhere along with a brand-new manufacturing operate (chance so). Pendant ce temps, this video recording is actually for 'information merely' as I can not aid you with getting. Si vous * perform * locate a resource, please share it along with our company in the show notes. I commonly do not do this, yet considering that Gearbest, our supporter, does not have this and won't be actually receiving that, I'll aid you get the word out on where you can. Merci beaucoup.

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  1. hi there was wondering if you can help at all I got this Yarrashop® Waterproof Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Smartwatch Supports SIM Card for all Android System Smartphones (Silver) what do you think of this item and am I make the Wright chose I am look for a waterproof smart watch my budget is £70

    1. This is similarif not identicalto one I reviewed last year. As a basic tethering watch, it should be OK for you. Note that it is NOT waterproof, only splasproof. You need to look for a rating of IP67 or IP68 if you plan to shower with it or take it swimming. Aussi, the display has what we call a “changement d’un pneu” conception. The bottom section is cut off. Many newer watches have eliminated this and give a full circle display. If you want to see some more tethering watches, go to this channel’s Home Page and loo for the tab marked Playlists. In there click onMore Tethering Watchesand you’ll see all the watches I’ve reviewed that let you tether to a phone. Some of them, the dual mode kind, also have SIM card support.

  2. Salut Monsieur. Tiques, did you know that Zgpax has a model S82, it is only 4.4 but it has a camera, 500 mg .ram 4gig Rome and sports 32 gig SD card slot, and Sims slot ,has most 3 G network support and is about the same size as the S8. Enjoyed your video,please keep them coming.

    1. Oui, I mentioned the S82 in the description under this video. The problem was the replaceable battery would sometimes break connection with the contacts and the watch would shut off on the spot. It happened often enough that the watch got a bit of a bad rap.

    2. Merci pour la réponse, it just looks like a good deal being able to insert a SD card and have all that extra space for apps.Some things sound too good to be what they seem.Thanks for informing us on your channel.

  3. Here is a buying link for theZGPAX S83smartwatch in stock and free shipping.

    Smartwatch Ticks your youtube videos are truly excellent!
    I don’t have any of these smartwatches which you review here, I have an asus zenwatch 3 which I hope you will review in the future but I do love and enjoy watching all of your smartwatch youtube videos!!!

  4. better than the most similar price watches nice work:)
    i want ask you a question what if a smart watch (have sim card )have incoming call would it appear on the phone and can continue the call from the phone ?


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