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iRecadata i7 Solid State Drive SSD –

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Integrated WiFi brilliant transmitter: phone is associated with WiFi signs, cordless growth.
Utilizing this anywhere anytime: your residence cinema movie back-up gadget, your cloud server.
Immediate backup: intelligent one click on backup, save time and room moment for you.
Zero system website traffic: choose not to network problem, instant fast accessibility to the Internet.
Surprise insusceptible, anti-drop, anti-static: solid and sturdy, lengthy make use of time.
Tiny quantity, really feel pleasant, très facile à trimballer.
Documentation automated distinction, as well as smart monitoring: APP documents get on smart classification and also monitoring, organized reports, enhance working performance.
Not only relate to cellular phones, likewise could be related to tablets, personal computers as well as other specific WiFi intelligent terminal.
Retrospection quick mind: photograph and also video recording, may complete instantly publish the data backup in the APPLICATION.
Safe and personal privacy: the double security from WiFi and also APPLICATION, offer you reputable safety and security and personal privacy.
Video recording playback: support prompt video playback on the APP, just like as neighborhood video playback without connecting the Internet.
TELEVISION playback: help push the films off APPLICATION to TV playback.
Several individual wireless sharing: suited for residing, workplace, amusement and various other relevant function case.
Integrated 2250mAh lithium-ion polymer electric battery: 4 hrs constant WiFi streaming excellent working hours. It could be an energy bank, to perform mobile phone emergency situation demanding.

DDR store: 164MO.
Go through rate: 250MB/s.
Create velocity: 200MB/s.
WiFi specifications: 802.11 b / g / n, 2.4 GHz 2T2R regularity percentage, 300Mbps cordless rate.
Built-in monopole and PF antennas: launch distance is 5 – 10m.
Type-C user interface: assistance onward/ reverse installation.
Documents format: NTFS.
– Système de soutien: Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10/ Macintosh Operating System X10.4 or even later.
Electric battery kind: lithium-ion polymer battery.
– Capacité de la batterie: 2250mAh.
Demanding time: 2.5 – 3 heures.
Functioning opportunity: 4 heures.
– Temps de veille: 8 hrs.

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