Accueil Comprimés FNF iFive Mini 4 s Unboxing et aperçu

FNF iFive Mini 4 s Unboxing et aperçu

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FNF iFive Mini unboxing de 4 s et aperçu. 7.9 pouces 2048 x 1536 Androïde 6.0 tablette PC avec 2 Go de RAM et aussi 32GB d’espace disque. Où acquérir:

Faible coût avec des éléments de qualité supérieure provenant de Yoshop.( )

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    1. It means that the surface where the actual pixels are presented is pressed up and bonded directly to the surface You touch. On less expensive devices, they generally don’t do this, opting instead to save production cost and have a very small gap between the touch surface and the surface where the image is displayed. En fin de compte….means it looks premium.

  1. Looks like a giant Iphone 5/5sI think the Mipad 2 is still the better option for a cheap tablet with a good screen.

  2. do you know where i can get the HiSense Magic Mirror?
    it’s a bezel less tabletif not maybe you know some tablets that are bezel less as well 😀

  3. wow watching your videos is really amazing wish you caul send me some of your stock Phones you have so many ..its hard for me to buy cause i dont have money


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