Fortnite Mobile Available on Android! Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Fortnite Gameplay

Fortnite Mobile Gameplay on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus!
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In this video I play Fortnite on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but unfortunately I don't win any matches!

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    1. I’ve tried it on my S8 Edge and an Iphone X and they run similarly. The S8 is similarly powered to the X, and both run it nicely. The S9 seems to run it smoother and graphically better than the X by far. I think it’s more optimised for that device.

  1. You should see how this plays with DEX.. playing pubg with DEX hooked up to a larger monitor and keyboard/mouse seemed to make it easier to play, even with the limitations

    1. Justin Ked playing with Mouse and keyboard will get you kicked from the match according to epics web site

    1. If Frames drop on the s9 plus and the iPhone X than a j7 won’t be able to run run it at all but the note 9 will at At a 30fps lock I believe

  2. I did try download this game but on my Mi6 still say not supported then I guess I have to wait until this device getting supported! maybe only samsung can support with this game for a moment!

    1. Then we know this game will work on all devices pretty soon! I want try this game see if this better than pubg.


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