FINOW X5 Plus vs LEMFO LEM5 – Which should you buy?

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Refurbished FINOW X5 Plus Smartwatch Phone US $60.18 GearBest Buy Now

Which watch should you buy, FINOW X5 Plus or LEMFO LEM5? When you decide, please use the appropriate link and coupon below to place your order, get a good price, and support our channel. If this video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our SmartWatchTicks channel. Thanks!


Coupon code: FINOWX5G Price: $ 102.99
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The second store:



For more detailed information, please check out these other SmartWatchTicks videos:

X5 Plus


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Comment (36)

    1. I was first this time because I had to add the ending links and they go on after publishing, so you were really First actual viewer. Congrats!!!

  1. Thank you indeed Mr. Ticks for comparison between these 2 watches as we request, it seems the bottom line from my point of view is no major different except the watch strap design , hoping the quality , performance and efficiency for both watches is same .
    Once again, All the Best..

  2. Loved the video. I guess I was right in assuming both the watches are almost similar.
    I finally decided to buy finow x5 plus.
    Thanks for the comparison😀

    1. Oh my goodness. I’ve gotta stope somewhere! These videos will grow to two hours each! I’ll look inside and try and see if the batteries are the same size — which I’m sure they are. ONLY if I see significant differences will I go and make another video about it.

  3. Both are actually the same? Finow x5 straps better than lem5. if only lem5 has red line rather than orange. can’t wait for the lemfo lf16 review. 😉

  4. Hi Mr Ticks. Thanks!
    Can you make a review how notifications works when use watch as a phone companion?
    And maybe a comparative with Sinwear software (kw88)… 🙂
    Best Regards

    1. I’ve done this tethering video with other watches on this channel. Check out those videos to see how notifications works.

    1. Most of them send out a push notice to your watch and you update it by going to Settings, then About, and then click the first item to check for updates.

    2. But how often do we updates
      This are Chinese watches They bad with keeping firmware up to date. I am worried about Patches for the OS

    3. Since nobody is making anything like this but China, I guess your choice is limited. Like it or not, this is what’s out there in this price range. You can triple pricing for a Wear watch, or pay even more for Apple. Even then you wait a year or more for an update (especially Apple).

    1. Billy Halffman The watch stopped working.
      The screen became unresponsive and that was the end of it.
      And i didn’t even get a refund from AliExpress.
      I will never make a purchase from them again!

    2. Billy Halffman I’m British.
      I was so looking forward to this watch after watching this review and others and ended up being so disappointed.
      I show video evidence that the watch was faulty but AliExpress,told me that i have to pay for all the postage to return the device, which i totally disagreed with.

  5. Hi Mr Ticks, thank you for the videos. Always informative.
    I have a question. How are these 2 watch screens outside in the light. After seeing your video where you did comparison of Kw88 and 4 other watches got put off from buying them after seeing the screens not being so good outside.
    So how are the screens on these 2 watches outside in the light. Regards

    1. Since the screen is basically the same as the older FINOW X5 that I show in the videos. they come in at the same brightness. Fore me, the X5 and KW88 looked the brightest, so these two would be top of the list compared to the others.

  6. Great video and super informative!
    ordered a Lem 5 and have a question…..
    whats is the buckle measurement in mm on buckle side of lem5?
    where the pin goes to buckle on band,
    not the pointed side of band.
    for deployant buckle use.
    Thanks for your videos

  7. Just wanted to clarify to people in the US looking at buying these watches. If you don’t have AT&T it’s just an expensive watch. T-MOBILE does not have the band for 3G to match the watches 3G band so it’s only on 2G, making it virtually useless. These videos are great, and convinced me to buy. Unfortunately, it was a mistake. I was told by T-MOBILE the watch would work on 3G but later found out they misinformed me. Hope it helps somebody in the future. I will try to add this comment on some of your other videos to help.

  8. its like if you comapred a grand marquis and a crown vic. just bought a LEM5 because i saw it first. kinda glad i did because i like the band :3. i found you channel while looking for a watch for my birthday and i like your caontent. its very welcoming and informative.


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