FINOW X3 Two Button Smartwatch: First Look

Here's a quick overview of the software and operation of the two button FINOW X3 Android smart watch phone. Have a look at what this watch can do, and learn a few tidbits about how to make sure the X3 will function well if you install separate developer created clock skins.

Featured watch in this video: FINOW X3
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    1. The silicon band is really nice. I’ve enjoyed it on the Q1, and now I’m going to try it out on the X3 once it is all setup.

  1. Does the round face watches facilitate screen rotate. For people that wear there watch on there right arm or prefer to have the buttons facing up there arm to protect water from getting in when washing there hands. Great video , love the round face and sleek buttons.

    1. Sure, just like on a phone you can lock the screen or set it for autorotate. You may need to download and install the app Settings Search to get to the settings on some of these watches, but the feature is supported on all of them.

    1. It all depends on your use. I really like the Q1, after that, my favorite is the X5, then the X3 and finally the X1.

    2. There’s something undocumented you can do with the Q1 that you can’t do with any of the others and it’s REALLY COOL! It makes that watch super easy to use. I’ll share it with you (and everybody) in the Q1 Full Review, coming soon. Yes, you made a good choice.

  2. hello.
    can you tell me what are the différence between finow x3 and no1 d 5 please? thanks you for your answer

    1. The FINOW X1 and D5 are practically identical. There’s a video out showing the two together, even with the backs taken off. The X3 is different from the X1/D5 in that it has two buttons rather than one on the side. Other than that, it’s the same. I understand you can even flash the same firmware back and forth between them (though I’m not totally positive about that).

  3. Hello. Thank you for your answer. I Want in a first time buy the d5 but I don t like the bracelet. so I see the x3 …and I Want to put New clock skin in it. but before purchase it I prefer ask advice ?. so you talk to flash firmware. I don t know anything about this. is it an obligation to flash the watch to put the New skin?or is it possible simply to put the skin in a folder and with a computer transfer the folder in the watch?excuse for my question.I have see your différent reviews on d5…but my english is not very well and I dont have undertand some things….thank you for your patience…

    1. Hi Aurelie. The X3 is like the D5/X1 but with the silicon band, as shown in this video. Flashing the firmware is only needed if your clock skin installation doesn’t go well and you turn your watch off and it won’t come back on. To prevent that, do the things in this video to get ready to clear data from your launcher if you need to:

      You can put all the clock skin folders you want to install (unzipped, of course) into a single folder named ClockSkin (note there is no ‘s’ on the end) and copy that to your watch. When you disconnect the watch and wait 30 seconds or so, you can start scrolling to look at your new faces. If they are not there, then to the launcher data clearing process. You should end up on the first stock watch face after you choose your language again. From there you should be able to scroll and see your new faces. If you still can’t, then something went wrong and you’ll need to study the process again. Best of luck!

  4. Ouah….it is more difficult I think..?. if I undertand….what I Will have to do is to Clear data in the launcher, put the folder clocskin ( after give it a name) in the watch. then close the watch. open her and waiting à moment. and if it does n t work..go on launcher again and clear data and begin the process.
    so flashing the firmware is only if the process (data clear on launcher and add folder clockskin) don t work after many try….and it can broke the watch definitivly…
    is what I have undertand is ok?

    1. oh…very sorry for my mistake….
      yes. OK i have understand now…euh…. I hope… it seems to be not as difficult as i have think.
      the second link and your video have help me…. i have understand the reverse in the first time…i am sorry for that…
      so if the installation is no working..then i can clear data on the launcher (with settings search)….and it restart the watch with ” factory configuration.”
      so clear data can not broke the watch….that is what i was fear…
      I am allright this time?
      thanks you very very much for your precious advices.
      i am Grateful with you sincerly to help me for my future watch (she was shipped from few days).
      and thanks you for your work and your reviews.

    2. Now you’ve got it right. You only need to clear launcher data if the watch faces aren’t showing correctly just after you install them. Clearing launcher data won’t break your watch or delete any of your apps, watch faces, or data. It only resets the launcher, which is the interface to your watch. You just need to do it before you turn your watch off.

  5. witch do u prefer the moost x1 or x3?

    i like the band of the x3 more. but i like the x1 watch design more. so I don’t know witch i should buy.

    1. I really like the X3 with the softer two buttons and I really like the band. I’m wearing it more and more often these days, and I have a lot of watches.

  6. I just looovvveee your videos! i have an asus zenwatch 2, but i like to see othe watches like it! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey there! I really like your videos! That’s why I buyed this watch! What do you think can I flash the ANDROID WARE rom on this watch? Thank you for the answer!

    1. No, others have tried, and this is pure Android. It would be like flashing your wear rom to your phone. This is just a tiny Android phone. Now if somebody made a floating Wear launcher, like the app Floating Toucher, that would be very cool, kind of like running Windows on a Mac using Parallels.

    2. Thank you for your kindly answer! Do know maybe a better bluetooth notification app, because the official is a mess…. 😀 Keep going with the nice videos! Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. can you fit Samsung gear s2’s  SKIN (dial stickers/decals) and STRAP (sold on amazon) on Finow x3 plus???
    are they identical?

  9. Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

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  10. Previously I saw a post regarding updating the firmware and it has an additional square display to choose from instead of the original round one. Can anyone confirm and advice

    1. Yes, that is true. There should be an OTA Firmware Update available to you which adds the feature. It just came out in a push update for the No.1 D5+ as well.

    2. SmartWatch Ticks I went to the settings-wireless update but is says I’m already having the latest update already. No sign of the new one which can use the square interface

    3. Well, now I need to hand you off to these guys. They can help you locate it or flash new firmware to your watch:
      Join the “Round Android Watches Proboard” here: 
      Simply set up a free account, explore the various sections available to you, and jump in. There are many watch users and technical experts discussing just about everything related to smartwatches. From general watch questions to updated watch firmware you’ll find it, and you’ll find many answers in the extensive FAQs as well.


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