FINOW X1, X3, X5, and Q1 Smartwatches Compared!

AT LAST! With the FINOW smartwatch collection complete (yes, I have a weakness for watches), we can now look them over one by one as well as next to each other so you can decide which one — or two — are right for you. Whatever you decide, you will have an informed decision, and that's a good thing. Many thanks to FINOW for assistance in acquiring these watches for you to see, especially the very first Q1 ever made! Be sure to see our unboxing, first look, and full review videos on each of these watches to learn more about them. They are here on our SmartWatchTicks channel:

The fun Andrew Davis "Vegas" watch face shown on the X1:

The X3 watch face is a from the XDA Developer's Forum on clockskins viewable here:
I will provide a direct link to the featured watch face once I find it again!

The X5 watch face is a from the XDA Developer's Forum on clockskins viewable here:
I will provide a direct link to the featured watch face once I find it again!

Another Andrew Davis extremely complex "Cube" watch face as shown on the Q1:

Other custom watch faces worth viewing while you wait for your watch to arrive can be seen and downloaded here:

A reminder, if you plan on downloading and installing customs watch faces, please see this video first:

This featured watches are all available here:

Watch also Available here:

Company website:

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  1. Dude I love your videos evem though I’m a new subscriber, and just wanted to say keep it up because we all enjoy them!

  2. Maybe some day I will get my X5… Dont buy from gear best if you want your technology while its still considered technology… And dont buy their expedite, because it means something else in chinese apparently.

  3. Professor,
    What can say after this other lesson of … “comparative anatomy”?
    … mumble …mumble …
    I can only write:
    Welcome on my monitors!
    (btw for me X5 AND Q1 but … I would buy … ALL !)

    1. You’re right, X5 and Q1, but I’m really liking the two button X3, too. The case design, being tapered, is really nice and the silicon band fits well. I’m going to give it a run for a few days.

  4. Great video and thanks for the links to those clock skins.
    My X5 is still enroute and in the meantime I’m collecting all the nice clock faces in your vids.

    1. Got a massive one coming up next week. All the May 2016 skins. Over 100! Some are pretty impressive.

  5. hey Mr. Ticks, I haven’t tried downloading anything from my computer at this time for Pic. But I’ll give it a try and let you know.

    1. Only if someone can tell us all the Android based smartphones made this year as well. It’s an impossible task. They are constantly changing with new models appearing weekly. Best bet is to simply keep on top of all of it as best as possible. With that said, if somebody wants to compile a list for petr mina, I would appreciate seeing it as well. Thanks!

  6. I see a strange mix of good and bad. Good CPU and then kinda strange and dangerous battery. One things for sure is I like the software. Sure wish Android Wear was more like what’s on these watches.

  7. i dont see where to order from finow website. visited other wedsite. they dont have a consistant listing of features. i did notice the 3 button model had a nice comparison of another device. but noticed it didnt have an accelerometer or gyroscopes. thought that was odd. no gps either? its on the x1, thought it should be on the newer device

  8. Love the videos and love the watches, because of your video I have ordered a Finow Q! and can not wait to get it and start playing with it and writing Android apps to run on it. Just a Question how have you found GearBest as a supplier, I’m getting a lot of conflicting views.

    1. Wow! An app writer! Cool!! Please let me know when you develop some apps. GearBest has its goods and bads. It’s a large distributor, so you are going to hear stories both ways. International shipping gets caught in customs sometimes and blamed on the online store, so you just take your chances. Best would be to order from the company directly when you can. Otherwise, GearBest is probably as good as any of them.

    1. Right now, I’d recommend the X5. But that might change next week when I review the new FINOW Q3. Be sure to subscribe and you’ll be notified when that review goes live.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks I already am..Also id like to ask weather there is any difference bitween the X3 and the k9 3g…

    1. I haven’t found it again, but you can check the show notes for the location of the XDA forum and hunt for it there. If you find it, can you please send me the link and I’ll update the notes ti the video. Thanks!

  9. will any of these work similarly to my moto 360 (that I just broke trying to replace the battery) without a sim in them? I perfectly happy using my phone as a phone, and the watch as a bluetooth accessory. I have no idea why it wouldn’t work like that…..but….just looking for confirmation.

    thanks and keep up the good work!

    1. Nope. For some odd reason, going into 2017 there is not even ONE watch out there that is Android, has the Google Play Store and ability to download apps AND can tether phone calls to your phone. They all work like tiny independent phones and need a SIM. Nobody knows why it can’t be done, so we all wait. and wait. and wait.

    2. So are any of these watches any good without an extra sim card? And I think I read somewhere that apps like watchmaker won’t run? So all my old watch faces would be gone? And apps like Hangouts and Google now just don’t work at all without an extra day plan??

    3. All this has been asked and answered. Time to look around a bit at the videos and comments! So much to learn. Also….
      Join the “Round Android Watches Proboard” here: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com
      Simply set up a free account, explore the various sections available to you, and jump in. There are many watch users and technical experts discussing just about everything related to smartwatches. From general watch questions to updated watch firmware you’ll find it, and you’ll find many answers in the extensive FAQs as well.

  10. Hello! Can u do a comparison between Finow Q1 and Finow X5 plus, please? I want to buy, but I don’t know which one. Thx!

  11. Hello friend! I want to see those beautiful new dials that are on the models 2017 x5 plus Finow, Finow Q7 plus can be downloaded at Finow x1


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