Fastest Phones 2018 – Top 10 Fastest Mobile Phone in the World 2018

We recently got asked "What is the fastest Mobile Phone in the world 2018", well fast is difficult to define because it can mean different things to different people. For example, Does it mean blazing 3D performance, or fast app loading times – one requires a top notch GPU, the other requires high end memory, one phone might be great at one task but not another. So for this list we looked to an overall system benchmark called Antutu and ranked our top 10 fastest phones according to their scores. The performance results may surprise you. Whats the fastest phone on planet Earth?

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    1. Regardless of if you prefer Android or not, Apple’s A12 chip scores extremely high in benchmarks like Geekbench and Antutu. It is currently the fastest mobile processor out right now by quite a large margin. SD855 should catch up a bit once it gets released next year


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